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Oregon is definitely one of my favorite places, the skating there is so natural. Stoked I got to spend a week there filming for the @redbull @redbullskate “Ode to Concrete”.. Now playing up at Redbull, link up in my bio... Special Thanks to such an amazing crew for keeping it real and making it all possible.. @gashuffer @humphriesphoto @khmedia @brycekanights @dreamlandskateparks 🙏🏻❤️

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🤘🏻GET HYPED!!! Very stoked on this @redbull @redbullskate part, now showing over at Redbull.. Thanx dudes!! => Link in bio , check it!! 🤘🏻
🎥 @humphriesphoto Killed it..🔥

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🎂I DON’T WANNA GROW UP!!! 15 years ago today I was just a little shit... Thank You friends for all the love, support, and Birthday wishes, here’s a look back, check my story for more pics through the past 15 years... Keep it shreddy and have a good day dudes!!! ❤️🤘🏻

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🦈SHARK ATTACK!!! Getting ready for @vansparkseries @usopenofsurf Huntington Beach 🏄🏼‍♀️ GET PITTED....

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HOLY HELL!!! Vegas you hot..
🔥//// WARNING ////🔥

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SKATE AND ANNOY!!! Episode #3 “Red Devil Firewerks” is coming in hot 🔥 stay tuned til midnight tonight, shit will get wierd... (link in bio) 🎥 @anhelrx @theantichannel

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🇨🇦Yeah Vancouver!!! Thanx for the good times... @vansparkseries @vansskate @vans @theboardr 🎥&📸= @aacostaa & friends

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⚪️⚫️ @volcom @volcom @volcom #truetothis #keepitreal 👖❤️

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🤘🏻 @independenttrucks 🤘🏻RAW AMs part up over at @thrashermag link in my bio, get that shit, keep it shreddy.. 📹 @peacocksk8 ⚡️

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Question Authority! 🎥 @peacocksk8

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🔥 @independenttrucks 🔥 RAW AM⚡️part is live on @thrashermag and in my bio.. go check it if you haven’t done so yet... Thanx dudes! ❤️ // 📹 @peacocksk8 // 🎵 @mozesandthefirstborn

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🔥Burning through the Northwest!! #VolcomRoadRager is out of control.
Thanx Boise!! ❤️ // 📹 @justsomedude @paconertz #keepskateboardingfun #truetothis @volcomskate @volcom

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