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Guess I’m sitting on the floor then.

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Le Gavage, reminds me of staff meal

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Grading today, a nice haul from today’s hunt but the end of season is drawing near, 2 weeks maybe 3 left.

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Staffy #truffles #pizza #beststaff

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Staff meal courtesy of @coomertruffles @canfoodgood

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Still thinking about the truffle butter @bentleyrestaurantbar

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XXL found by Twiggy!

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Back in Manjimup freezing cold, pissing down with rain and there’s no place I’d rather be, first hunt back and the truffles are the best so far this season, fresh deliveries to Perth, Sydney Brisbane and Melbourne early next week.

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Crab leg and Coomer Truffles @burntends_sg

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Back on deck with the team tomorrow, can’t wait to see the pups, 4 weeks left of the season, quality is at its absolute best, make the most of it as the next ones are a year away.

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Talking truffles with the team at Glass thanks @luxecaviar @simonjohnsonprovidore loved spending time in Sydney.

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