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First set of my noctis photos. Got so many to upload. Thanks @nishi.kei.2ivk 😉

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Photographer @soon_lee_fztx

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One for Alll.

Photographer @snaphappyian

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Goals achieved sunday ozcomicon pretty happy with the outcome . Gageel will be back supanova 2019.
Photographer @tee_do_photo

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Dual wielding engine blade and fusion sword. Love this shot. Had a blast at comicon.

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Wings of freedom
Photographer @soon_lee_fztx

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Photographer @soon_lee_fztx

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Noctis is ready for ozcomicon. ...mostly.

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Mostly finished my engine blade. Still needs a bit more detail. But itll have to do for now. Comicon a week away. Im pretty happy with how it turned out. Cant believe i made it with in 4 and a half weeks.😆

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Photographer @soon_lee_fztx

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