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Happy World Turtle Day! On a recent @Sea_Legacy expedition to photograph blue whales, I came across this young Loggerhead Sea Turtle basking under an overcast sky. The early life of loggerheads and other sea turtles used to be called “the lost years” because no one knew exactly where they went. We now know that after young loggerheads are born in the warm beaches of Florida, they embark on a leisurely voyage under the sun. The youngsters idly float north along the Gulf Stream, then head toward the Azores. Along the way, they spend most of their time riding the waves, and the sun helps raise their body temperature. A small fish has turned this turtle into a home, where he can hide from predators, like seabirds. I spent a few minutes with these two animals, and then I watched as they swam, together, into the deep. To learn more about loggerheads check out the @LoggerheadMarineLifeCenter and #FollowMe at @CristinaMittermeier.
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Photograph by my good friend and @Sea_Legacy collective member @JodyMacdonaldPhoto // Elephants are one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet and they are disappearing faster than they are reproducing. Globally, their population has declined by approximately 62% over the last decade. The loss of elephants gravely affects many species that depend on elephant-maintained ecosystems and weakens the diversity of nature itself. They are running out of space and time. Here, Rajan the elephant floats in the azure waters of the Andaman Sea. Brought to the islands for logging in the 1950’s, he, along with a small group of 10 elephants, were forcefully trained to swim in saltwater. He was the last surviving member until his recent death in 2016. ---------------------------------------------------------- On behalf of our dear friend @AmiVitale: The Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, in northern Kenya is the first ever community-owned and run elephant sanctuary in Africa. The sanctuary provides a safe place for injured elephants to heal and later, be returned back to the wild. You can support this incredible place and the people who protect wildlife. Make a contribution in support of Reteti for a chance to win a trip to Kenya, see Dave Matthews in concert and take home a @rockbridgeguitar that features a custom inlay of an elephant hand-drawn by Dave @prizeo. Not only will you be helping care for orphaned baby elephants and strengthening community ties, you’ll also have a chance to win a life-changing trip to see the sanctuary in person. The first $10,000 in funds raised will be generously matched by Elephant Gems (@elephantgems). Reteti operates in partnership with Conservation International (@conservationorg) who provide critical operational support and work to scale the Reteti community-centered model to create lasting impacts worldwide.

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There is nothing “common”about Common dolphins. They are remarkably active wildlife; awesomely intelligent and highly social. They are a true joy to watch and photograph. This dolphin moved effortlessly through the water, playing in the bow waves from our boat, as we explored the Azores Archipelago for blue whales. #FollowMe to see more wildlife images, including the blue whale, from this exhilarating expedition.
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Pantanal cowboys, or pantaneiros, rush through the swamplands; the hooves of their horses displacing the water they gallop through. Cattle ranchers in Brazil's Pantanal region have reached a balance with their environment. Subsistence-sized cattle herds help keep the landscape open for the planet’s largest wetland to thrive.

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The powder blue mountain frog (Philautus Asankai) is a beautiful and colourful frog that seems to be smiling all the time. Waiting at night, in the rain, surrounded by the chorus of a million frogs, in Sinharaja World Heritage Site, made these amphibians a joy to photograph.

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Why am I so fascinated by the ocean and the creatures that call it home? Maybe because there is no feeling like staring into the blue depths of the sea, just to catch a glimpse of an amazing creature, like a baby whale shark, as it slips away back into the blue. The whale shark is listed as an endangered species and is often the victim of bycatch, the accidental capture of non-target species in fishing gear. #TurningTheTide with @Sea_Legacy

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My dear friend and colleague @AmiVitale, Dave Matthews (@davematthewsband) and @conservationorg are doing amazing work with elephants through community based conservation in Kenya.

While the UK is introducing one of the world’s toughest ivory bans, and China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are strengthening their own bans, the US is taking steps backwards, to ease the import of so called “elephant trophies.” Please take a few moments to watch this new video of Dave and his incredible song “Mother of Africa” at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e) - and then make a $10 contribution to support the sanctuary, and enter to win a chance at a luxury safari to Kenya and see Dave in concert with Prizeo. The first $10,000 in funds raised will be generously matched by Elephant Gems. Film by @amivitale @danehenrydigital @brettlowell. ———————————————————————- @nrt_kenya @kenyawildlifeservice @lewa_wildlife @sandiegozoo @tusk_org @thephotosociety @natgeo @magicalkenya @tourismkenya @coreyrich @novusselect #protectelephants #bekindtoelephants #DontLetThemDisappear #elephants #saveelephants #stoppoaching #kenya #northernkenya #magicalkenya #whyilovekenya #africa #everydayafrica #photojournalism #amivitale

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The helplessness one feels when you encounter a wild animal that has either ingested or become entangled with manmade materials is downright devastating. This female steller sea lion has swallowed a fishing lure and cannot get rid of the strong monofilament that forces her to carry this piece of fishing gear dangling from her mouth for months or even years, principally causing her distress as she tries to feed her newborn pup. The best way for us to help is to stop the using ‘single-use plastics.’ Say no to plastic items, such as utensils, straws, plastic bottles, and plastic bags. #planetorplastic

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A vivid sunset is reflected in the still waters of the Xingú River, where Kayapó indians half sink their canoes to prevent them from rotting.

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A lone female rain wolf patrols the tidal flats of coastal British Columbia in search of shellfish. On Monday, May 21st @paulnicklen and I will have the honor of speaking at an exclusive cocktail party SAVING PLANET EARTH ONE WOLF AT A TIME, to support our friends at the Wolf Conservation Center. The WCC has served, for over two decades, as a breeding and pre-release facility for two of the most critically endangered species in North America – the Mexican Grey wolf and the Red Wolf, and as an education center to inform the public about the plight of wolves. I hope you can join us at this fun and lively event to support their mission. See details in my bio.

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Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would get to see such an awesome sight: a group of humpback whales bubble-netting and feeding together. On an expedition for @sea_legacy, #cetacealab, and #gitgaat First Nations, @PaulNicklen and I spent 4 hours following this group as they created over 100 bubble nets, a coordinated tactic for capturing many fish at once, and worked their way down Verney Passage, near Hartley Bay. With @bctough #turningthetide #whales #ocean #instagood #instahub #beauty #love

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There is a special sweetness in motherhood; its essence is hard to capture and convey, yet can be felt intuitively. A mother in Ecuador shares her strength, wisdom, and unwavering diligence to fostering the people and places she loves as she takes her kids and her sheep out to the fields for the day. This is what #Enoughness is all about. Happy Mother’s Day!

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