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All grown up and using her new found angst to support her dad’s new shop @c.b.t.y

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Still beach buds ❤️

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Wow. Thank you @rihanna.alidadi 🙀

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Hello everyone - apologies on disappearing. Everyone (Mom, dad, Kitty, Monkey, and of course Siena and Buddha) is well, healthy, and happy. We have been thinking of closing the account for the past two years on account of Siena growing up and losing her childhood anonymity. Instead of shutting the account down however, we've decided to put it on hold for the most part until Siena is old enough to decide if she wants to continue sharing her life in the public eye. We may post randomly, but they will be pretty sporadic. Thank you so much to you all for sharing this sweet journey with us.

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If you saw a little Asian woman doing the crouching tiger to get a shot of her Doberman at Green Lake tonight - that was me.

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Sun's out!

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Buddha at "boarding." @classycaninesnw

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The babes love Buddha @classycaninesnw

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I miss little Siena ❤️😭❤️

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Monkey being rude - stealing both of the @bullybundles and laying on Kitty.

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