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Foosball or bocce? #rcmemories @ritzcarlton

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Morning walk on the beautiful grounds and in the fresh mountain air. #rcmemories @ritzcarlton

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Dougie living his best life in a luxury two-bedroom residence at the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe. #biggerthanourhouse #morebathroomsthanourhouse #moretvsthanourhouse #rcmemories @ritzcarlton

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Fresh new cut. ✂️#groomingday #dogsbygina #shihtzu

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Second to last pre-baby groom with 🐶❤️👶🏼

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Stretching out.

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Little bear is ready for bed.

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It’s only fitting Dougie attended a special screening of Alpha (@alphathemovie) given that close Shih Tzu/wolf genetic connection. This heartwarming movie is a must-see for all dog lovers. Two paws up! #alphamovie #ad

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Bossy pants. #fridaymomentofzen

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Lil’ Stomper. #throwbackthursday

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Good things right around the corner. ❤️

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