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To the rascals who make me a dad: You wake me up at 6am every morning without fail. You interrupt a dinner out or a day at the movies with four trips to the bathroom. You fight over which position in the bathtub is closest to the water and whose hair I wash first. You throw tantrums to get your dessert and try to put the same clothes on two days in a row. But living with you has changed my life and I love every minute of it. Thanks for making every day Father’s Day.

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This Day In 2001: An exhausted @kobebryant on the plane home to LA from Philly after winning another title and his seat mate, the trophy. (📷 by Andrew Bernstein/NBAE)

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Froback Friday: My Bar Mitzvah day — June 15, 1991. Believe it or not, I got a haircut the day before!

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Best sports tattoo artist in the world is @stevebutchertattoos. This is his latest work — taking the famous @dwyanewade + @kingjames dunk and inking it on some dude’s leg!

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Just got a “Jurassic” Dorito chip at my front door. Largest edible Dorito in the world (they made only 100) in a “dinosaur” egg.

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Always fascinating to take in leadership advice from one of the best in the game — Villanova basketball coach Jay Wright — who joined me at @citibank HQ in NYC today for a discussion.

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Justify was bought for $500,000. In 111 days since its first race, the horse’s breeding rights have ballooned to $75 million.

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Crowd from above as Justify was in the lead, moments from winning the Triple Crown.

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This Day In 1973: Photographer Bob Coglianese takes the most breathtaking photo of Secretariat jockey Ron Turcotte turning around to see the next closest horse in the Belmont Stakes 31 lengths away. Secretariat’s mile and a half time that day (2:24) will likely never be beaten.

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LeBron’s entrance tonight for Game 3. No suit!

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The account for the sign at @elarroyo_atx is a great follow. Original and funny. Smart for a restaurant to show what it does to get attention locally — on a national level.

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Dwight Clark, the great San Francisco @49ers wide receiver passed away today. Collectors knew him as having one of the best signatures in the game. In recent years, Clark would draw “The Catch” diagram next to his signatures. The story how this came about is vintage Clark. A couple years ago, Clark was at an autograph show and saw a disabled boy waiting 15-20 people back. Clark spent the next couple minutes figuring out what he would do special for the kid. When the kid got up to him. He signed his name and then from memory, as Bill Walsh once did for Clark, he drew the play. The kid was thrilled. And those behind him who saw it, asked for it as well. That story was told to me by @martinbuckley21 of @palmbeachautographs, who got close to Dwight. If you want one of these special pieces, Palm Beach still has them and they are the same price today as they were yesterday and will be the same price until they sell out.

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