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Halloween candy in CVS, Pumpkin beers in the liquor store. Can I just have my three weeks of summer left before the sales cycle pushes me into the fall?

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What an absolutely atrocious miss by @colehaan. It’s amazing how they took over the dress shoe business over the past couple of years. Incredible comfort with a flash of style. Know a lot of people who were legit looking forward to the launch of their new models today and I’m shocked at what a flop this is. Way too aggressive, almost every style can’t be worn as a serious dress shoe. Huge opportunity over the next six months for @allenedmonds, @wolfandshepherd & @johnstonmurphy.

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“Coming To America” collection growing! Just got in this “artwork.” Anyone have any Soul Glo?

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What a thrill to report on the rise of @drinkbodyarmor, which sold a minority stake to Coke today, from Day 1. To my left, Mike Repole, who will not only go down as one of the greatest businessmen of all time, but a truly awesome guy to be with. Total class. Money hasn’t changed the man one bit. And to my right, @kobebryant, who will go down as one of the greatest athlete-businessmen of all time. Before this deal valued at more than $1 Billion, he was the company’s third largest shareholder.

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What an incredible idea from @budlight, who have been partners with the Cleveland Browns for 20 years. Browns fans are suffering, having gone 1-15 in 2016 and 0-16 last year. So Bud Light built these “Victory Fridges” which will open on the push of a button in 10 Cleveland bars when the Browns win their first regular season game this year. All beer inside the fridge will be free to everyone in the bar!

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When I saw the New York Post this morning, I joked on Twitter that people would be selling these papers at a huge premium because they said “Supreme” on them. It’s an ad wrap that’s obviously paid for by Supreme. Well, the Post might have gotten their first ad that actually helps sell more papers. People have gone nuts buying these papers up and selling them in huge quantities on Instagram and eBay. I was joking about the markup. I can’t believe it became reality.

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Somehow missed this great photo from last night of David Bote rounding third and heading for home after hitting a grand slam (📷 by @sgreenphoto)

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This is the most ridiculous way I can announce that in 55 days, I am running the @chimarathon. I’m not doing it just to push myself. I’m doing it also to raise money for mental health organization, @weareallalittlecrazy. We are going around doing #samehere sit downs at schools across the country, meeting with groups of people face-to-face to change the mental health paradigm. To donate to help us fund our tour across the country, click on link in my bio.

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This is one of the coolest activations I have ever seen by a brand. Nike took over a church in Chicago and built a whole facility for high school kids. This is the playing court I visited today. Faux suede backstop walls and gold paint!

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I think there’s an argument to be made that David Bote’s walk-off slam last night was the best at-bat in MLB history. Indulge me. Check out all the elements aside from the home run itself. A perfect bat flip, the airplane move, a beautiful straight up helmet toss, the jersey rip and the Gatorade bath. Pretty compelling no?

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Ridiculous how close you can get to the Tiger in the wild on the final round of a major championship. Taken today by fan @bobrayy.

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Meat locker at @nusr_et has some steaks reserved for some well known names, including @cristiano & @davidbeckham. Cheapest price to get a steak reserved in restaurant’s meat locker is $275 for a tomahawk cut (📷 by @sandracjohn)

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