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Apostemos por la educación y el ingenio ✨✨✨✨gran espíritu de amistad y compañerismo estilo @f1rstglobal 🌎🙏🤖💕😉 muy feliz con el @teammexicofgc y @emoctezumab @fundacionazteca @gruposalinas #MundialDeRobótica @ricardosalinas.

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Gracias a todos los que de alguna manera tuvieron un gesto de cariño y afecto para mi en esta fecha, los amo. Dios los bendiga grandemente, este beso es para ustedes💋💖

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Last. Man. Standing. @thetommasociampa #NXTTakeOver #AndStill

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Essa é a quantidade de dinheiro venezuelano que você precisaria pra conseguir R$ 62,00

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#SummerSlam Tomorrow on the @wwe network!

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Orange or Green? Vote by dropping a 🧡 or 💚 in the comments!
Search: "Cross Your Fingers Skirt Set"

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lah malah curhat

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Tell me what you think ...

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Who has watched the new Netflix movie “to all the boys I’ve loved before” 😯

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Got the privilege of hanging out with these STARS! Had a great #BeAStar rally at the @kipsbaybgc partnered up with @cricketnation!

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Jajajaj vienes muchas sorpresas con esta canción 🤪🤪🔥🤭🔥 Los amamos!!! Gracias por tanto cariño siempre ❤️🇪🇸🙏🏻 #YaNoTieneNovio 😏👱🏼‍♀️💏 @mauyricky 🧑🏻⚡️🧑🏼 #EuropeSummerTour2018

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Asi me pongo cuando se que solo faltan pocas horas 😆para cantar en mi amada tierra 😍HONDURAS esta noches se hace HISTORIA puñeta así se rompe una FARMACIA💣🔫 los veo ya mismo té lo dice la MERA PIJA los amo los fanaticos me iban a caer encima los amo #ELWASONBB🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏

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When ya barber put a VIP before ya knowing you a loyal customer 😂😤☠️ @pompano_randy @worldstar #WSHH

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Photograph by @CristinaMittermeier // I take a deep breath in and build up the courage to leave the familiar feeling of my feet on solid ground. I exhale and give myself over to this foreign world, where creatures with gills, scales, and fins are better suited to survive. I feel it in my soul every-time I dive beneath the waves: how can I, as an underwater photographer, capture and adequately convey the richness of life here? It is a challenge I've pursued ever since I made my first underwater photographs here in Honduras in 2013. With each dive, my skills sharpen, my techniques strengthen, and my images get better and better. #Follow my journey on @CristinaMittermeier as I continue to find my way with underwater photography.

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big dick energy with a pinch of “i’m jenna rink, big time magazine editor” energy

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Óculos Pretty, nas cores Preto e Preto Rose
💰 R$99
Promoção "Ser pai é..." concorra a 2 iPhone x + 1 óculos de sol LBA + 1 óculos de sol War - Veja mais no site.
Formas de pagamento:
cartão de credito(em até 3X sem juros), boleto bancário.
📱 Alguma outra duvida?
(11) 96305-9898 (atendimento seg-sex das 11h às 19h)

Rua Oscar Freire, 720
Aberta hoje das 12hrs as 20hrs
#oculosretro #lbashop #oculosdasblogueiras

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❤❤ @oddypranatha

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making memories ☠️

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Por fin el concierto que tanto esperabas SEBATIAN YATRA en Guayaquil, esté 22 de Septiembre, fecha única, en la Concha Acústica del Parque Samanes!!!!!
Ya estan listas las 🎊🎉preventas🎊🎉... con un precio de locos 😱😱 hasta el 30 de Agosto ... YatraBox 70
YatraVip 45
PartYatra 15
No pierdas tu tiempo... Y adquiérela yaaaa... Comunicate a nuestro whatsapp 📱

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i’m feeling homicidal 🖤🔪
so a lot of misheard lyrics goin on in this song so i’m uploading a lyrics video tonight haha. sit tight. like how i’m sitting in this chair. -
also thanks everyone for not being (outwardly) annoyed at how much i’ve been promoting and talking about this song, it’s just so exciting and i worked SO hard for SO long. i was shown very early on how ugly and scary the music industry could be, and i hid for a long time from it. it was really scary for me to step back in the ring after a lot of shit i went through, so the success of these songs means... just so much to me. music is and always has been my passion. this was the reminder i needed to not let anything stop me, that this is what i’m meant to do. so thank you for letting me bask in this moment and feel genuinely proud of myself. i love you eternally 🕸

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Justina X @chancetherapper in last night’s Wildstyle❗️🚨🤩 & then @dcyoungfly had to rain on my parade 😒🌂🚿😹🍓🍓

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The guys

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Soundcheck for #rosebowlstadium done!!! On stage at 7pm 💚 #dividetour#rosebowl 📸: @ryanhadji

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💞😍@macselfie707 💋
💞@macselfie707 😍💋
💞😍@macselfie707 💋

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Les late el color rojo en mi ? 🤔

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Diam itu emas. Oleh karena itu sebaiknya sebelum berbicara dengan suatu perkataan atau kalimat, renungkan terlebih dahulu apa yang akan diucapkan. Jika memang ada manfaatnya dan tidak melukai hati orang lain, barulah berbicara. Jika tidak, hendaklah menahan lisan.
Barang siapa beriman kepada Allah dan hari akhir, maka berkatalah yang baik dan jika tidak maka diamlah. (HR. Bukhari no. 6018 dan Muslim no. 47)
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Trabalho realizado☺️
♛ By Rodolpho Torres ♛
👇Agendamentos e orçamentos👇
📲Whatsapp: (11) 9.6025.3432📞

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NEW VIDEO is up with our whole Ibiza trip with @narsissist 😍🎉 It was soooo much fun 🔥 Go watch on youtube.com/JustMar 💕
Subi un vlog con todo el viaje a Ibiza en mi canal en inglés! Tranquilos que vienen vlogs en español a SinPatuque pero este lo hice como una especie de resumen con tomitas bien cool 😍💕 #MarialeNoPara

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