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☀️ vs. ❄️ | Credit: @demasrusli | Shot on #DJI #Spark #SparkYourMoment

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Beyond Bali-ef | Credit: @mijlof | Shot on #DJI #MavicPro

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Seen this place before? Maybe, but not like this. | Credit: @demasrusli | Shot on #DJI #Spark #SparkYourMoment

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Gravity-defying flight control | Credit: @pond5official Artist Airstock (@ajda_go)

Explore stunning drone footage like this at @pond5official’s #DJI Aerials Collection and click the link in our bio to download this week’s clip for free!

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See the world like you never thought you could | Credit: @demasrusli | Shot on #DJI #Spark #SparkYourMoment

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Aerial photography is not always about flying high above the ground. You can also use your drone to capture perspectives from low altitudes and locations that are difficult to reach on foot | Credit: @itchban | Shot on #DJI #MavicAir | #AerialPhotography #Japan #Shirahige

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For capturing your accomplishments in the most epic way possible | Credit: @evolumina | Shot on #DJI #MavicPro

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The Plastic Tide (@visionfromtheskies) is an environmental group cataloging the ever-growing problem of plastic pollution washing up on beaches around the world. They are using drones to survey large coastal areas and training AI to automatically catalog the level and type of plastic pollution. They hope this data can be used to design a better response and spur governments and citizens to action.

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Taking an epic selfie while traveling solo is hard. But when there are crowds involved, it really takes some creativity. Or you can take out your #DJI #MavicAir, get the best shot possible, and think #NowItsEpic.

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Explore the unknown | Credit: @hannes_becker | Shot on #DJI #MavicAir

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“On Instagram, I’ve really enjoyed taking advantage of the ‘looping’ feature to create short videos that can be watched over and over. This type of video-making is relatively new in the film world, so it’s been a lot of fun coming up with unique ways to create a mesmerizing loop.” - @ari_fararooy
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Ari Fararooy (@ari_fararooy) is a video director based in #LosAngeles. In 2013, he started his own production company specializing in creating unique, visual content for brands and artists. 5 years later, and Ari has created content for such brands as Apple, Nike, Red Bull, Netflix, HP, Michael Kors and Coachella. His work always contains a certain level of surrealism, often juxtaposing real-life elements with visual effects and CGI.

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