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One of these women raised me one is still raising me 🤪 and raising my babies! Both are incredible women. Especially for putting up with me....Thank you for being awesome moms. Happy Mother’s Day @mewithana and @deesmith60!!! I love y’all!

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Beach Vibes with My Lady!!!! 🏖 🏝 💕

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#happynationalsiblingday @june_mcmxciii love u bro!!!

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So i found the original video to the trump one i posted yesterday for everyone who said FAKE. Your welcome.... starring @trenubb u a fool!!!

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This might be the funniest video I’ve ever seen in my life.... i was in tears 🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yes i know it’s fake for the dummies writing fake on the comments.... that’s what makes it funny

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This episode of @ballersandbrawlers we have another one of my Illini brothers @weatherford5 check it out as we talked about everything from our time at Illinois, politics in sports and family. Honor to have this dude on the show..... @rockwelljohnny u should have been there?!?!?#ballersandbrawlers #illinibasketball #illinifootball #family #nygiants #strongestpunterever #beast #metabolicreset #motivation

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Happy Easter 🐣🐇🐰 🥚 don’t worry @mewithana and me are the only ones looking at the camera!!! #heisrisen #happyeaster #thewilliamsfamily #mifamilia #myeverything #blessed

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This is pure comedy but murder of a poor mayfly! @denaeewilliams isn’t scared of much but mayflies are her worst nightmare. Her 7 year old brother on the other hand isn’t. He should be scared of the basketball after it punched him in the face tho🤣😂🤣😂. #murder #karma #mayflymadness #hedidntdeservethat #thesetwotho #theyarethesame #bothcrazy

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Proud to be a part of @fortismma.... What @sayifsaud has been able to accomplish with these monsters that we have repping our gym has been amazing to watch! His vision that he had two years ago is starting to become a reality and I’m excited about what the future holds for this gym and this team. #fortismma #dallastx #mma #monsters #beasts #futureufcchamps #justgettingstarted #ufc #lfa #xko

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I usually love coming to Chicago but this time was unfortunate circumstances bc we lost an amazing woman and great soul. Funerals suck Str8 up but they allow u to celebrate someone’s life and they always bring people together, some that you haven’t seen in years. It was great seeing all my brothers. R.I.P Miss Cathy....

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New @ballersandbrawlers podcast is up now! This episode we had my brother from another mother @coachjhoward on the show. Check it out as we talked about Illinois Basketball, him helping to keep me from transferring, March madness and oh yeah me taking his spot as starting point guard!!!! @rockwelljohnny was absent this episode bc he needs a new day planner. Sorry the first video is so bad but had to post it needed to be seen #ballersandbrawlers #marchmadness #fightingillini

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I told @mewithana she wouldn’t be faster than me and she wasn’t even close. Check out the video of me going 72 then on the next run i was trying to beat it until i almost took out a train of 6 year olds crossing the tracks in ski school! Then as I’m sliding down the mountain i felt the need to say hi to another set of ski schoolers! @steele_dewald we need to work on those hockey stops going 50+ mph! I thought i was going to take out one maybe two for sure #fullsend #jerryoftheday #slowdownyoungman #iwasinagroove #damnskischool

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