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Goosebumps!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥@zmane2 @miamiheat

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Keep picking the brains of the ones that are put in your path to help you become great! #YnGDnA #Wearejustgettingstarted 📷 @mistadubb

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She matches my fly! #YoungNRich #TheWades @lining.official

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Without number 40 there’d be no 🏆🏆🏆
Imagine if i never met the broski!!! #wadechinatour2018 #Liteworkonourlunchbreak

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#FBF to my first ever @celebritysportsacademy in Miami....Those kids put in work and most importantly, we had fun (full video link in bio)! .
Shoutout to everyone that made this happen. Chicago, we'll be there August 4th & 5th...and my brother @jimmybutler  will be in the building! Limited spots remain, register today at www.celebritysportsacademy.com

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The energy on day 7 was incredible! Thank you guys for the love!

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I’m living my best life!!! @lilduval #wadechinatour2018

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#SmileBi*** 👟7️⃣s!

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Lifetime deals all around! #TheWades

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Visionaries! Mr.LiNing & Mr.Wade 🤝✍🏾🇨🇳

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The Family! #wadechinatour2018

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#LivinCool ...yep that about sums me up.

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