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Time you take for yourself becomes time you can give to others.
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This body is just a costume we wear in this divine comedy called life. Worn and discarded after each play, only for the actor to don a new costume to play a new role. . .

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Just a short walk...
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Only when there is space can we find depth. If there is no space, there is nowhere to go.

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For everything that I've done right in my life, I've had to go through hundreds of times doing it wrong to figure it out. Sometimes it's only going to the wrong place that we can understand that we are not in the right place. We often resist the wrong, deny it or pretend it was done on purpose. The better we are at embracing our mistakes, the closer we are to learning from them. For what can be right if there is no wrong?
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If I want to make bread, I take flour, yeast, salt, oil, water and maybe a few other ingredients and I knead it into a dough. I give the dough some time to rise and then I bake it. After it's baked, it becomes bread. Even though at one time it was all these separate ingredients, formed into to dough, it is no longer dough nor the separate ingredients that made the dough. I don't treat it as dough and I don't think of it as its past form.
We like to look at our past as though our past is us. True, though we are the result of our past, we are no more our past than bread is dough. I wouldn't go to make a sandwich, pull out a loaf of bread and then decide I'm not going going to make a sandwich because I don't like eating raw dough and the bread I have used to be dough. I know that it is bread and I make the sandwich.

So why do we still make our choices and decisions based on a person that is no longer us, instead of seeing the truth of the ever-changing self and base our lives on who we are now? It's your past that made you, but you are not your past.
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*nobody got wet in the making of this photo*

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It’s about sensation, never about destination.

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Don't keep count of your tears, for when they fall they have served their purpose. And with their departure so goes the need to hold on to the reason for their existence.

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Thoughts and ideas are nothing more than recycled philosophies of the same fundamental questions and concepts that have been pondered upon for millennia. Retold through different mouths, lived through different experiences, expressing the same ideas only in slightly different ways. Yet we inspire and are inspired by the revolving door of unique sameness. Like a surfer looking for the next wave, always different yet always a wave. When the surfer rides the wave, she doesn’t think of riding the wave how it should be be, she rides it how it is. All meaningful philosophy is always the same because we cannot invent truth, but it’s often retold different because it’s the truth as we see it.
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If I wrote on a black piece of paper with an identically black pen, you wouldn’t be able to understand what I wrote, I would need a white or different color paper for you to read it.

Life needs contrast to have meaning. The greater the contrast, the more apparent is its opposite. Yet to prefer one and deny the other limits our capacity for comprehension of the universe. Life is a spectrum to be experienced. We all have a favorite color, but we only came to that conclusion after seeing all the other colors.

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“I’m trying to find myself.” This is an interesting thought. If you lose your keys, you can find them, because you’re the one looking for them. (I actually lost my keys today 🤦‍♂️) But if your keys lose themselves, they can’t find themselves... nor can they lose themselves. You can’t find yourself, because you’re not lost. How can you look for you and be the one looking? Yogic philosophy teaches that fire can burn many things but can’t burn itself. Our problem is not finding ourselves because it’s impossible to be lost. We think we need to do, to search, to look, to find but this just reinforces the illusion that you’re not yourself. You can’t find you, but you can be you. Just like keys can not find themselves, they are keys. You are you. Stop looking, start being.

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(a little poem I wrote today)
Some words. .
The less is said, the more is heard
the meaning of the spoken word
attractively decorated, can seem absurd
yet sensibly significant and magnificent
that the maleficent would understand the benevolence of tolerance
that resonates the relevance
to comprehending differences
is the only way to make sense of this
cosmic wave of experiences.
We speak in parable not prophesy
for the prophecies of history
were merely stories told in our infancy
to manipulate the society
but this is not the way words should be
used to tell lies and spread controversy
for the world can see
amongst the allegories
fable tales and poetic imagery
words are vehicles of visionaries
the chronicles of the philosophical
speak of the impossible,
allude to the probable
applaud the incredible,
tell of the inevitable
a moment on the lips
Whispered softly yet pierce so deeply
touch the heart ever so sweetly
chosen carefully, can mean everything
or nothing
or both
For what is said is not always heard
and what is heard is not always said
for all these words
are all in your head.

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