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STRAIGHT UP MOSSED (via @thecheckdown)

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Jeanie Buss calling it like she sees it.

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This. Is. Mesmerizing.

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A new season of the College Football Playoff is here! We’ve teamed up with @marvel once again to bring you special edition custom comic covers for the 2018 kickoff weekend!

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Kevin Knox was happy to see LeBron leave the East.

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Watch these 4th graders at Lowell Elementary School play the most epic game of rock-paper-scissors ever. (via Eric Branch/Facebook)

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This might be the greatest Rocket League comeback of all time. (via Purgent/reddit)

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@jjwatt left a special note when signing his brother @_tjwatt42’s jersey for a fan 😂

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@kobebryant’s investment in BodyArmor has yielded more than 30 times its money in fewer than 4.5 years. (via @darrenrovell)

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Daryl Morey's run the numbers, and can come to only one conclusion about LeBron James.

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Not all Little Leaguers are little 😳(via @darrenrovell)

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