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Iceland’s weather has been impressively unpredictable. We didn’t expect snowstorms in Summer... but it sure makes for some memorable moments, and offers a diversity of photo ops. Which scene do you like better? 🌞 or ❄️?@alaskaair @icelandair #WorldwideWanderer #MyStopover #Ad

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Never ending flower fields, and raging waterfalls right off the the road. Casual sights in Iceland. .
Partnering with @alaskaair @icelandair #ad #MyStopover #WorldwideWanderer

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2am blue hour in Eastern Iceland. The distant shapes in the background are massive mountains... it’s my first time in this country, and it’s definitely living up to the hype 👐 Traveling with @icelandair @alaskaair #WorldwideWanderer #MyStopover #ad

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While I love paddling on pristine water with my buds, I think my fav part of the SUP experience is opening up the nozzle to deflate the board at the end of the day. Swipe for a moment of facial satisfaction. .
Goodtimes with my new German friends @formgestalter @zabination @thaooo @bokehm0n 🤙🏼

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These past 5 days have been the closest thing I’ve had to a vacation this year. You’re prolly thinking “but your whole life is a vacation.” And you have a point. It feels like one compared to the jobs I’ve done in the past. But it’s a challenging balance when your work is the same as your play. When I started traveling it was all for me. Finally chasing that vagabond dream... never in my wildest imagination did I expect to start to make money in the selfish pursuit. But so it started... what I loved started to give me financial stability. My travels increasingly became jobs. It’s gotten to the point that I never travel without it being some form of a job. That’s the dream right? Get paid to do what you love. It’s so true. But the jobs bring pressure, stress, expectations, etc. And for the first time ever, I started to feel burnt out. .
Yesterday, I showed up to this bridge, to a few hundred people taking selfies with the castle. I continued past em into the woods, laid down with my backpack as a pillow, and watched downloaded sitcoms on my phone for a few hours as the light faded and the people left. I shared the sunset with a few other photographers. Then stayed solo to watch the afterglow, the castle lights come on, and finally the stars to fade in. I’d forgotten how it felt to stay in one place for that long. No pressure to create, or feelings that I was missing something somewhere else. Just content in the moment. Oh yeah, that’s why I started traveling all those years ago 💡

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Waking up in the natural hot springs of the Tuscan countryside.

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It’s been a huge bucketlist item for me to road trip Europe... making it happen this summer😊 I’ll be cruising thru Switzerland, Italy, France, and Iceland w/ the one and only @jess.wandering . You guys got any recommendations?

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@kylor likes to party. These are his really tall friends. They dance when the wind comes. I told him his couch looked a little precarious, but he just sat there like that.

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It was a dark night sleeping in that cave. At 2am we woke to the galaxy shining thru a hole in the ceiling. .
one image | 12mm | iso8000 | f4 | 25sec | tripod built of rocks

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Been making a lot of canine friends lately.

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Just got back to civilization after a 6 day pack rafting trip thru Grand Staircase Escalante and Glen Canyon. It was the perfect way to welcome summer... days in the water, and nights cooking by the fire under canyon walls.
w/ @jess.wandering @minayounglee @juusoringman using @kokopellipackraft 🚣🏾‍♂️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏾‍♂️

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With the desert in the south, and the alpine forests up north, the American West truly is a landscape photographer’s paradise. This week has been dedicated to planning. Headed out to the desert again tmrw, gonna try out packrafting for the first time. Anybody done it?

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