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Be sure to check out @janetjackson with @daddyyankee performing their new song "Made For Now" tonight on the show! #JanetOnFallon

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@arianagrande predicted she would marry Pete Davidson the first time she met him at @nbcsnl #ArianaOnFallon

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@arianagrande tells the story of when her Nonna first talked with Pete Davidson #ArianaOnFallon

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@arianagrande and @theroots perform “Natural Woman” in tribute to Aretha Franklin.

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@chethinks sent a surprise visitor to @colinjost’s intimate birthday dinner 🎁 #FallonTonight

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Not everyone was a fan of Jess on @GilmoreGirls... #FallonTonight

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@vancityreynolds shares his recent revelation 🍸 Link in bio for more from his interview! #FallonTonight

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@VancityReynolds takes Drinko to the next level drinking a mixture of Bone Broth, Blood, Grape Soda, Kombucha, and a blended Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich

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Your hilarious #WhyImSingle tweets are in! #FallonTonight

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@RubyRose gets emotional about being cast as #Batwoman #FallonTonight

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@sethrogen’s dad is a style icon #FallonTonight

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@sethrogen reads your dramatic dad texts 😂 #FallonTonight

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