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What's your favorite low-carb salad topping? (besides FBOMB Oils, of course! 😉)

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#teamCat so proud!
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Memories of Keto Night Out in Austin, topping off a great first day at KetoCon. Kara and Ruby and I have made so many wonderful connections and friends through this adventure. We love you all!

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We're Crazy in Love with this article from @popsugar 😍😍😍 Link in our bio! #fatissmartfuel

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You can drop an FBOMB at practice... nobody will mind, really!
Thanks @ketofarm !
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Have you fueled up with our FBOMB oils in all these ways yet? Share below if you have other ideas! #fatissmartfuel

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Are you local in Flagstaff? Join us Saturday evening at Trail Crest Brewing Company, to be part of #teamCat

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Where's your favorite place to drop an FBOMB? #fatissmartfuel

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What a nice evening and an honor to sponsor the opening night dinner of the Rob Krar Ultra Camp. Fat on, friends!
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Dropping FBOMBs over the Columbia River! You can still get the Buy 3/Get 1 free deal, through today, on all FBOMB purchases on our website dropanfbomb.com - use the coupon code JULY4B3G1 at checkout.
Thanks @jaclyn.fae for taking FBOMBs on your adventure!
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Happy Independence Day! Kara, Ruby and I (Ross) spent the morning handing out FBOMBs to happy runners, as sponsors of our local downtown Flagstaff race. Ruby ran the kid’s race! Family, patriotic music, and time outside... so many reasons to be thankful today.
Note... this is our personal post, but please see our other 4th of July post for our first-ever B3G1 offer!

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Happy Independence Day!
As we celebrate our country's independence, let's also celebrate our independence... from carbs!

Today through Sunday...
Buy 3, Get THE FOURTH Free! (See what we did there? 😜) *Use promo code: JULY4B3G1
*Promo code valid on all food products. Valid until 7/8/2018 11:59 p.m. PST.

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