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Imma floofy deck bear, right?

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This is blue guy. He’s been my fav since day 1. I cuddle him and carry him outside in the morning. I chew his ears. Sometimes I squeak him in the night and wake the hoomans up. He’s my sleepy bear. Much luv to ya blue 💙💙

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Went to the groomers today. They told my hoomans I was a chatty boy. Whatevs. I got a lot to say.

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Land clouds > sky clouds 🌤

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Ohhh say can you seeeeeeeee 🎶🇺🇸

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Where there is ice, there is Fen

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I’m a happy shoob cause it’s almost the weekend!!!

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Hi my name is Fen. These are my best selfies. How do I look?!

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Hugeeee croquet guy

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First weekend of the summer mood 😎

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Sometimes I lay reeeaallll low in my bed. So maybe the hoomans won’t notice me. Cause I’m busy relaxing. It’s really exhausting running around with pups all day at daycare. Don’t you understandzz?

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I am the happiest bear

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