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Sadly another classic photo shop closed down in London’s west end. 🙁

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In Australia they don’t appreciate Swedish cameras @somewheremagazine

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Nikon F3 from the City of London Police forensic department, anyone? Via @35120cameras

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Beautiful portrait by very talented @nimaelm if you dont already follow him, check his work for great use of film and fantastic shots!

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Anyone tried this new Kodak stock? And might it be the same as Lomography100?

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Brought my trusty Canon from Stockholm. Actually realised how comfortable it is to carry a compact every day, rather than a Leica.

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Testing some new film in Stockholm today.

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Thats pretty awesome to have! @kocorono got his Leica M3 signed by @ed.templeton yesterday 💯🔥

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Big boi and little boi via @filmobjektiv

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Via @magnumphotos

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Anyone in London this thursday? This will be very cool I m sure! See you there 💯

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Finally scanned the roll of @kosmofoto I shot 2 months ago, I have to say I like it. Very nice contrasts, sometimes tends to underexpose a bit, but nothing problematic. Great BW film overall, similar to Ilford Pan400.

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