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Obligatory airborne shot 📸@samcsch 👨‍✈️

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BOSTON WE LOVE YOU!! Thanks to everybody who came out and to the staff and security of @paradiserockclub ❤️

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Be careful out there. @calpurniaofficial

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#tbt Boris days

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If any of y’all get the chance to see this moving incredible documentary ‘Minding The Gap’ please do. @bingliu89

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Today! @dogdaysthefilm and stay for the outtakes in the credits!!

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With Jimmy and the Roots and Glenn Close and Lauv come thruuuuuuuu! @fallontonight

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Au revoir, Montréal! Edit - Last one credit @frogfacedfinnn

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Accidentally deleted this but one more time some huge thanks @osheaga for the awesome day, thanks to all our new friends @thebeachesband and @wherearetheavocados and yeah @feliciathegoat we saw y’all it was sick!

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@osheaga today at 6:30 come on down for @calpurniaofficial 🇨🇦. 📸@jeanjanderson

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Wednesday, come through for RCJ, @cephasjaz, one of the greats, and owner of the tag line of the summer. @dogdaysthefilm

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Wednesday let’s go @dogdaysthefilm !!

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