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Talking about tuck jumps during my inversion workshop in Malaysia @oscillationyoga ❤️ Huge thank you to everyone who came to practice this weekend- see you all tomorrow for our final class!

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My only question is... where does the time go?! ⏳
About to board my flight to Malaysia to teach at @oscillationyoga with @samseesworld ❤️ then we are off to Bali with @bodhiyogaacademy! 📷 @larsenphotoco in @aloyoga #sponsored

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Getting ready for Bali with @samseesworld ❤️ check my website for info on upcoming teacher trainings and retreats with us! 🎵 is by Fla.mingo

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Today my heart feels very heavy, but like all things I know it’s only temporary. 📷 @karmacaptures in @aloyoga #sponsored

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I’m only teaching one more class in Boulder before @samseesworld and I leave for a month!
Saturday 10:30am at @bodhimovement ❤️ donation based all levels flow. Come!! Link in my bio to sign up. 📷 @tomkingsford in @aloyoga #sponsored

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Life seems to be getting harder recently... no choice but to get stronger.
Fighting for that last rep 😝 I look like a fish out of water 😂😭
Should I do a post about how to work on being able to do a pull up?

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My next class in Boulder is this Saturday, June 9th at 10:30am!
It will be an all levels flow, with modifications and amplifications offered. Sign up online and choose how much you’d like to donate! - link in bio ❤️
📷 @axialcreative_
Shorts from @aloyoga #sponsored

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A few months ago I told you all that I would be more transparent about sponsored content, so I want to tell you all that I am now #sponsored by @aloyoga
I have been working with Alo since 2014 but this is the first time I am exclusively sponsored by them.
After investing my money in opening a donation based studio, this contract with Alo will allow me to teach classes and not worry about getting paid, as well as make all programs I offer more affordable. I hope you understand how big of a decision this was for me, and I am happy to listen to your thoughts or questions.
Thank you to everyone that chooses to continue to support me, and I respect those that don’t.

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This space is truly a dream come true. @bodhimovement
Thank you @samseesworld for being the most motivated and passionate business partner out there, and thank you @markomark/ @omarktileco for building this space for us.
Check out our donation based schedule and rad crew of teachers 😍 @danielle.cree @love.migsara @taylorjyoga
My next class is on Saturday!

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I’ve been searching for you 🌵 #cactusobsession

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October 21-27
Puerto Morelos, Mexico
Join me and @eleonorazampatti for this weeklong practice intensive to re-inspire and recharge. This intensive is specifically for yoga teachers and intermediate/advanced practitioners looking to dive deeper into their practice and self study.
Dorm $1299
Double $1599
Private $2199
Want more info? Message me or check my website. ❤️
📷 @axialcreative_ 🌸 @werkshop #sponsored

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🧡 between moments.

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