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☀️ all the different sun salutations in today’s practice (with a few wiggles thrown in 😁). Do you practice sun salutations? If you do, which style is your favorite?

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I am offering (at least) one partial scholarship to my Mexico 50hr practice intensive at @casaom October 21-27. (For details on the retreat check my website My goal is to make this experience affordable for people that usually might not be able to attend, but are dedicated to their yoga practice or are a yoga teacher.
To apply:
1️⃣ repost this photo tagging me and @casaom (make sure your account is public!!! Or DM me)
2️⃣ in the caption explain why you’d like to join this intensive
3️⃣ make sure you are following both me and @casaom
That’s it!! Comment below once you’ve posted so that I don’t miss it!! Recipient(s) will be messaged in one week!❤️📸 @brookemichellej

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Breaking down undulations with the most anatomically correct cues #sassy 😜
One of my favorite ways to warm up the spine 🌊 @bodhiyogaacademy

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Waiting to board my flight to Greece while reminiscing about the last two months of teaching with @bodhiyogaacademy ❤️ there is truly nothing in the world I would rather do than teach alongside @samseesworld and @tessasana. We have rewritten our program to dive deeper both into yogic history and philosophy in an accurate historical context, and also to dissect topics such as colonization, cultural appropriation, racism, sexism, inclusivity, and more and how these topics relate to becoming a yoga teacher. I could not be more excited about the direction we are heading!! Join us in Boulder for our next round of trainings in 2019 🤗
And a huge congratulations to these beautiful new yoga teachers ❤️ we are so proud of you all.

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Two years ago in Greece 💙 I can’t wait to head back to Kefalonia on Monday.
Upcoming events:
August 23&25 • Washington, DC classes
September 9-12 • Denver 420 Retreat
October 21-27 • Mexico Practice Intensive
Check for all the details!

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We have so many awesome workshops coming up in Boulder, CO @bodhimovement
August 10-12 • @danielrama_ & @shaktibird_
August 25 • @carsonclaycalhoun
August 26 • @mariebellepr
August 27-29 • @nolatrees
September 1-2 • @adrian_mccavitt
September 19-20 • @casa_colibri & @erinkellyart
So grateful and honored that all of these amazing teachers are coming to our studio!! 😭❤️ come practice with us!! for more info!
📷 @spencerbentley_creates in @aloyoga #sponsored

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DC friends!! I’m teaching two classes in DC August 23 & 25!
Thursday 7:30pm • Summer Flow (all levels)
Saturday 10am-12pm • Flexibility and Inversions Workshop
Link in my bio for more info! 📷 @axialcreative_

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Asana breakdown @bodhiyogaacademy
200hr and 300hr trainings in Boulder Summer 2019!
📷 @eleonorazampatti in @aloyoga’s gorgeous new fall colors! Sign up for their newsletter to get early access 😍#sponsored

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Every day it takes effort to undo our conditioning.
I am sorry for the things I have done and said that were offensive. I’m sorry for the things I will do and say in the future, because as much as I’m working to educate myself I will continue to make mistakes.
I’ve said offensive things while teaching yoga asana classes (like calling belly down savasana “beached whale pose”) without realizing how I could be pushing people away with my words. And for that I am sorry.
I am trying to do better, which is why I am sharing this with you. 📷 @mavtoro

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Join me and @samseesworld for our upcoming yoga retreats:
September 9-12 • Denver 420 Retreat
*price starts at $599
December 6-10 • Hawaii Tiny Village Retreat *price starts at $950
January 10-14 • Puerto Rico Volunteer Retreat *price starts at $999
❤️ link in my bio for all the details! 📷 @eleonorazampatti

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Almost got the line right 😝I blame the overalls.
I definitely feel like I’m getting worse and worse at the whole instagram thing. 🤷‍♀️ #liveyourlife #getoffthegram
📷 @mavtoro aka @aaronsantoro

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A little piece of day 3 of our @bodhiyogaacademy New Jersey 200hr training! Loving this group of awesome women. Join us for our next trainings in Boulder @bodhimovement ❤️ check my website for details.
@samseesworld @tessasana

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