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Had fun last night cracking up at all the glory that is @tiffanyhaddish... thanks @mtv for getting everyone in one room and sitting me next to @schittscreek 😭 always a pleasure getting the @13reasonswhy cast together and being nominated for our hard work. Congratulations to all the nominees and all the winners!! Thank you so much @etro and @robbiecanale for making me feel comfortable, cool, and collected... takes a lot of work but I think my anxiety hid well under this nice coat 🦄

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You taught me humility, hard work, and leading with my heart; everyday I get to see the benefits of living my life with some of your wisdom and experience in the back of my head and I am lucky and honored to call you PA 123

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Have you watched BINGE yet??
What did you think?
Check it out: link in BIO!!! @kevmanrios @apx.alx @alishaboe @anamarimesa @ale_mesa @constantinemalahias @cameron.p.hayes

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She was sweet, until her insatiable appetite for human flesh kicked in

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Purposefully lost my phone in Big Sur for the last few days...back to mindlessly and obsessively liking everything 🌝

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Oh wow... @netflix @13reasonswhy

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A couple colabs are coming your way this month! This being one of them, Binge The Movie will Be available to watch June 15
On! Can’t wait for you all to see it, and can’t wait to get working on those Kickstarter rewards, thanks so much for helping out and keeping up with all the work!!
@kevmanrios @apx.alx @alishaboe @anamarimesa @ale_mesa @constantinemalahias @cameron.p.hayes. @nobudge !!!

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Gagging, can’t wait for this music video to drop, keep your eyes out for it, @cookthugless is special and this music video was so fun to make. @iamanthonyking and his camera are just perfection. Dying to see @shyrley__ make her appearance in it

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I #wearorange today to bring awareness towards gun violence, to join those who want change. I wear it for all the lives that have been lost. I wear it to be louder than ignorance. One day safety will be a priority and I want to be a part of that. @everytown

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Not my car 🦄

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As colorful as I feel! Thank you @utri.j

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Won Button yesterday at Thorpe Park, pretty good day 📸: @samsmithworld 🦄

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