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Poor @reeshardmartin is stuck inside on a rainy day, dreaming about @kindredrestaurant milk bread. #fravorites

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Wine (and the best ham in the world, @jamonjoselito) for breakfast with Fernando Remírez de Ganuza, the charming founder of @remirezdeganuza, a boutique winery tucked away in the picturesque region of Rioja Alavesa. #frtakeover #basquecountry #rioja

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If you’re new to Basque Country cuisine, kokotxas (cod throats) al pil pil (a traditional Basque sauce) is a must. @joseanalija’s version is silky, velvety, and gently enrobes the fish it’s served with. In short: 💯🏆🤙🏽❤️🔥 #frtakeover #basquecountry #bilbao

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Hi friends! Katie Chang (@katieshewrote) here. My pal @joseanalija from @neruaguggenheimbilbao and I will be sharing some of Bilbao’s best eats and drinks over the next few days. First stop: txuleton steak at Txakoli Simón. #frtakeover #bilbao #basquecountry 🇪🇸

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Did you know Chardonnay can be crisp and bright? Yep, it’s time to rethink Chardonnay. Check out our story about Chablis on Food Republic! #FRTakeover

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Did you know that Chardonnay is the most consumed white wine in the entire U.S.? It’s true. #ChardonnayDay #FRTakeover

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Obligatory “it’s officially #Chardonnay day” pic @laroche_wines #FRTakeover

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Chardonnay magic, AKA a fresh and lively wine and white fruit notes. @laroche_wines #FRTakeover

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Domaine Laroche and Mas La Chevaliere focus on maximizing the natural character of #Chardonnay with intense minerality and remarkable aroma complexity. #FRTakeover

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“It’s a wine meant for drinking, not for thinking,” says @jacobryandaugherty. #RogerThat #FRTakeover

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Here at @ledistrict, sommelier @jacobryandaugherty describes #MasLaChevaliere Chardonnay as “easy drinking.” #FRTakeover

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