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season 2 starts tomorrow. welcome black. #donotdisturb

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for gun control. 📸: @pinchofbrownsugar

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i received my @tuftandneedle pouch a few weeks ago and it's honestly my new favorite place to mind my business and nap. definitely a great piece for relaxation and self care. it's HUGE and soft, so be careful sitting for longer than :45 because you WILL fall asleep. DEEP sleep. i woke up from a nap on this yesterday and didn't know where i was. it's also good for when do you adult things like reading books and arguing on facebook. thank you so much @tuftandneedle for my POUCH! #ad #restupbetter

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thanks for having me @outwebfest and @revrytv! it was gay as hell and I drank a lot 👌🏾. shoutout to @cammattem for the 📸.

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only posting this bc all my internet friends post 7x a day everyday and they’re making me look bad.

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me, an intellectual, judging you for not leaving me a question for the next q+a video. seriously tho, leave some questions you’d like me to answer in a video this week.
best wishes
- j/f

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That one time I had class.

makeup: @kaorinikstudios
photography: @notnowjosh

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I was happy once... then I started my period and my body said “nah”. So here’s a throwback of me having a better time than I am currently.

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new denim and pink introvert dad hats are available for pre-sale now. restock of the OG color way is also available for pre-sale. I’ll be putting in the order for everything next Friday, the 16th, so order within the next week for your guaranteed order! let people know you’re not up for small talk and that you don’t care about seeing pics of their gap toothed children with this fashionable item. link in bio 🤗.

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ok I’m gonna get emotional and then I’m out. I had the pleasure of helping out at a shoot for a super cool and NECESSARY product and I met the legendary @erikaalexanderthegreat. I was fine on the outside, but a trash ass mess on the inside. She’s warm and has a great vibe and a fresh perspective. Erika is an inspiration and a wealth of wisdom and knowledge. So thank you Erika for letting me be weird around you for a few hours lol. I’m telling you, seeing yourself represented in television/film is important. I need more people to feel what I felt that day.

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your wcw just posted herself as her wcw since it’s wcw. 📸: @notnowjosh / makeup by @kaorinikstudios

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I could make Snapchats with this camera and they’d still look better than an android user’s.
Thanks @jocelynbinder for letting me touch all the stuff in your house and thanks to @notnowjosh for finding my light.

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