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stay classy LA

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thanks for all the bday love everyone. normally i’d do some deep ass caption about my year, but today I’d rather not. i’m alive and have things to look forward to. there’s food in my fridge and the IRS leaves me alone. i’m grateful for absolutely everything. 🙏🏾👵🏻

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@shopmedmen hooked your girl up with some birthday goodies and they're hooking y'all up too! use the code "F0XY" to get $10 off your purchase of $30 or more. that's why it's called puff puff PASS--bc sharing is caring. if you're 21+ with a valid ID, you can hit up any of the MedMen stores in California. enjoy your cheetos and trap music, kids.

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it’s been an amazing 4 years, but with time comes changes. you’re my best friend and I wouldn’t take back a damn thing. this has been a journey and even though it’s ending, we had an amazing ride. I always got your back, that’s forever.
new videos on both our channels talking about the news. thanks in advance for all the support. ❤️ links in our bios.

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photog: @notnowjosh
makeup: @kaorinikstudios

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BIG MOOD. Listen, idk if it’s the planets doing the shiggy challenge or what but these last few weeks have been quite shitty for me. I’m constantly assuming responsibilities and fulfilling obligations and I’m exhausted. ALSO, my grandmother passed and I just got back from Memphis today so that’s why there wasn’t a SWS today. DON’T TRIP THO. I’m fine, but your girl needs some rest. Take care of yourself people. Make time to sleep, eat celery, and drink some water. So thankful for my @tuftandneedle pouch for times like this. It’s like a hug—only not from a person—so it’s better. #antisocialandsleepingGOOD

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not posing, just covering up a booger. hope everyone had a happy 4th!

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stoop kid never leaves his stoop. 📸: @pinchofbrownsugar

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“What does #liberated mean to you?” song by @dejloaf and @leonbridgesofficial OUT NOW. link in bio 😘

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me resetting my password for the 4th time this week

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Still learning the art of what to do with my hands in photos. Here’s a progress pic.

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