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Thanx @rossdressforless for helping me look tv ready when I had no more clothes while on assignment in Texas..Swipe left to see how a 14.99 dress works .. should have bought the other color too...

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It is happening & we are here to make sure you are aware how migrant children are separated from their parents at the border & we hear there’s more to tell but first I have to make a stop

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Part 2! on the ground in Texas heading to a place where migrant parents are being reunited w/their kids just making light of the process to get there.. to keep from bawling. Can you imagine under any circumstances being separated from YOUR child not knowing where they are being taken and if they are safe ????

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Have you been following the heartbreaking story of migrant children being separated from parents .. we are heading to Texas to see for ourselves. We will hit the ground running so have to get ready wherever you can .... more to come

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@jznotthatjayz aka my asst wants EVERYONE to know @Beyonce has released an album-he is on vacation out of the country so proud he’s representing us so well ....

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@lovehiphopvh1 Atlanta. Watching Rasheeda exercise GREAT restraint as jasmine who had a baby w/Kurt rasheeda’s husband “surprisingly” shows up to apologize .. no yelling, slapping, hair pulling, drink throwing reax... not normally how these scenes play out ... rasheeda good job !

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Heyyyy how does a cruise with YOUR best friend sound to you? Personal invite from me & you know who.. plz come ! @halcruises #OMAGonHAL

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Great weekend in montreal @f1... glad to land in NY then this happened call this adventures w/ Hussein star of this saga .. Co starring Jenny swipe left to hear all the silly details and last pix Hussein the saint ...

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Soooo who had better wknd me & fav son @F1 cheering on @lewishamilton w/ @ciara & @dangerusswilson orrrr @fav daughter @kirbybump hangin’ & cookin’ w/@oprah.... swipe left & decide ....

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makes sense that the co-founder of Instagram knows how to take a good selfie! Ran into @mikeyk & his fav dad Paulo @f1 montreal fav son will here too ! thank you mike & @kevin for my FAV app....

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@f1 MONTREAL w/ fav son the most asked ? are you a F1 fan... I love @lewishamilton is that a good answer ... swipe left for another reason to love @f1 in Canada !

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Hey it’s best friends day! @oprah NEVER disappoints. Now we can all see the difference she has made & lives changed #watchingoprah exhibit @nmaahc #goals INDEED!!! Swipe left for what SHE said it means to her

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