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I’ve stayed offline for the past week to be more present IRL. And quite honestly because it’s been too warm here to cook anything proper. We have basically been living on strawberries, watermelon, corn cobs and buckwheat penne salads. Checking in quickly to share this little night snack bowl that I just made for myself. Frozen blueberries (just slightly thawed), peanut butter, pure licorice powder, crushed dark pålægschokolade (thin Danish sandwich chocolate) and cream. So good! We are off to Barcelona tomorrow and I might share some favorites there if you (and I) are up for it? Stay cool in the heat now kids. ✌🏻

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This is our last day in Copenhagen and we spent it roaming across Nørrebro, one of our favorite neighborhoods. We have basically covered every playground in Cph on this trip (thank you for all your tips!). Traveling with three children has made us prioritize a little different than before. More playgrounds, kids activities and lunch boxes and less fancy coffee places and avo toasts. It’s all good though, you laugh more on a swing than at a cafe table anyway. Our fridge was however empty today so we instead had a late lunch/early dinner feast at @groedcph and basically ordered half their menu. Pea risotto, lentil dal and a bunch of sweeter porridges. Which bowl would you pick? Guess if the kids were feasting on that massive dollop of caramel sauce. Miraculously I managed to snap a photo with my phone before they all dug in. Flower decorations by Elsa 🌸😆.

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Luise is carrying laundry, Elsa is upside-down, Isac is soaking wet after having showered under a drinking fountain (see my insta story) and is trying to balance on one leg with closed eyes, Noah is singing/screaming a song he just learnt and I’m trying to get their attention for this photo. I obviously failed to get their attention and yet this picture captures our family SO PERFECTLY. It’s actually hilarious how representative it is (Elsa spends most of her awake time practicing hand-stand)! Green Kitchen Chaos should be the name of our next book. 🤣❤️

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We are staying in a friend’s tiny but cosy flat in Copenhagen for a few days. Love this way of traveling. Finding our way in someone else’s kitchen, going to a supermarket, packing a lunchbox for a trip to all the nearby playgrounds, feeling like a local. Even if it also includes falling asleep with one kid on my chest and the other’s foot in my face on an inflatable mattress in the living room 😆
I picked up some chia seeds last night and made this chia bircher for breakfast this morning. It’s a perfect mashup of chia pudding, soaked oats and yogurt and it was super good and simple. Stir together equal amounts of chia pudding and Greek yogurt, a handful of oats and a finely chopped apple. Top with fresh berries or fruit, nuts or cacao nibs and a dollop of peanut butter.
If you have any new recommendations for CPH with kids, please let us know.

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Crumble is pretty much the answer to any dessert-related question in our family during July + August. It’s quick, uncomplicated and you can swap in any garden berries or fruit that you have at home. This Strawberry, Rhubarb and Quinoa Crumble is an old favorite of ours. It is vegan, sweetened with dates and includes quinoa flakes that add a nice crunch to the sweet crumble (they can easily be swapped with oats if you prefer). You can find the recipe is in our app and on our blog. I’ll add a recipe link to my profile if you want to give it a try.
What’s your favorite fruit to use in a crumble? Apart from this one, I live on blueberry crumbles in August.

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The recipe for these Danish Summer Tacos are now up on the blog. Soft zucchini tortillas filled with a creamy and crunchy yogurt, potato, strawberry and dill salad. It tastes so summery and good and you should all have a go at it for an unconventional Taco Tuesday. Link to the recipe in my profile 👉🏻 @gkstories

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Here is simple little summer lunch idea from our smoothie book. Make a green gazpacho by blending bell pepper, celery, cucumber, garlic, avocado, ice, fresh herbs, salt, olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Add a date if you like a little sweetness to it. Serve with yogurt and cayenne on top. Perfect on hot days as you don’t need to switch on the stove.

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We shot this rather unconventional (but very delicious) taco recipe last week but haven’t had time to put it on the blog yet. We haven’t even decided on a name. It’s a zucchini tortilla base but I’m thinking that we could them ‘Danish Summer Tacos’ or something similar? How does that sound, intriguing or just confusing? Let me know if you are intrigued and I’ll try to post the recipe for you tomorrow. 🌮

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Yesterday we packed the kids into a car and drove to Denmark for summer holiday. We made a little stop halfway at a strawberry field to fill our bellies (and trunk). There is nothing better than self-picked strawberries. Except raspberries. And blueberries. And maybe gooseberries. 😆🍓
Side note: The little scar on Elsa’s hand is because she was born with an extra finger on her left hand. It took us more than three hours of cuddling with our little baby before we noticed it. Doctor said the finger had to go, but she loves that scar because it makes her feel unique ✋🏻+☝🏻

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Our breakfast banana & spinach pancakes are one of the most popular and shared recipes from our latest book. They are also on high rotation in our own home. I make them at least once a week for the kids (and us), sometimes with berries and other times with spinach mixed into the batter. If you have the book and haven’t tried them yet, here are 10 reasons to do so - swipe 👉🏻 The first photo is mine and the other pancake bowls are cooked, styled and shared by readers. Aren’t they all pretty stunning! So grateful to everyone that has ever shared a photo of a Green Kitchen recipe you have cooked. Pancake bowls by (in order of appearance):
#greenkitchenathome 👏🏻🙌🏻👌🏻

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This time of the year we always receive lots of emails and questions from readers that are visiting or planning to visit Stockholm in the summer and are asking for tips. So a few years back we wrote a guide to our favorite places in our neighborhood and we keep updating it with new places every year. We have just updated it again and I left a link to our Stockholm Guide in my profile. Save the link or tag a friend that might look for Stockholm gems. We’ve also tagged some of our favorite places in this photo. Enjoy!

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Today’s lunch. Swedish crispbread sandwich with potatoes, lentils, spinach, cucumber, dill and sour cream on top. SO GOOD! 🥗 It’s like an upgraded version of the potato and butter sandwiches my dad used to make when I was a kid. All recipe details in my insta story. You need to put potatoes on your sandwiches folks, it’s the 💣

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