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Happy Father’s Day to the greatest dad! One day is not enough to honor and celebrate you because you are amazing every day of the year.. your selflessness and the way you are with your kids truly sets you apart from many ..life has given us a wonderful family, our home but most importantly gave us each other ! We’re getting the hang of this thing called life and without you I would be lost ! I love you baby for all that you are !!! 💙 @mostfamous_tuko

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• Polka DOTS • ::few weeks back::

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We live life fearing death so much that we forget to live ... what if this is what we’re meant to do ..to L I VE..to really live ? Stop worrying about others and find peace within yourself.. LIVE for yourself and who and what we love ..making sure it’s reciprocated !!

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Oh hey there ! ::Side note:: Is it me or the X always makes you have red eye in pics with flash smh!! Feels like the 7 didn’t do that as much .. another reason why I love looking down In pics 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Catching sunrises 🌅 @fashionnova x #amberrose @fashionnovacurve

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Denim x army
@fashionnova x #amberrose

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Sunrise hues ... @fashionnova x amberrose @fashionnovacurve @richandsporty_ #amberrose

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Walking into privé Saturdays like the MUVA @fashionnova @fashionnovacurve

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Everyone got a little MUVA in them
@fashionnova X #AMBERROSE @fashionnovacurve
Top: @fashionnova X #Amberrose
Skirt: @fashionnova
Shoes: @simmishoes
Clutch: @moschino

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No traigas paraguas, como quiera va' a mojarte 🎶 💦

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When the sun shines, we shine 🌤together
top: @fashionnova
Shoes: @louboutinworld

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