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cannoli filling - scented like cannolis yummmm this butter slime is thick & has cute lil fake chocolate chips/chunks

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@blissboutiqueny restocked on these 8 oz BLISS exclusive slimes from me! she also stocked up on some of my exclusive limited editions aromatherapy slimes 💖💖 the boutique is located in goshen, ny! they sold out super quick last time so make sure if you’re in the area to go grab them! you can google bliss boutique in goshen, ny for the hours they’re open today ✨✨

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i love you to the moon & back🌙
scented bazooka bubblegum! this is a putty texture & the glitter mix is SO beautiful i love it sm especially the holographic moons
the slime in the beginning is just to help the neon pink color focus better but it still doesn’t show how truly vibrant it is

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over estimated on how many people were going to take advantage of my 15% off sale and made way too much for the restock, we’re still in stock a few hours later! I’m extending the coupon code for 12 more hours.. USE CODE “15BABY” FOR 15% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER! Shipping all orders out before Wednesday this week with 1-3 day shipping! 💖 Coupon expires at 12:00 pm (noon) est

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coupon code for 15% your entire order is “15BABY”, be sure to use it bc i won’t be doing any sales for a while!! if you forget to use the code, we can not add it later or refund you any money. please also place orders all together if you order 4+ slimes. large extra bags are given in orders of 4 or more slimes but we can not combine multiple orders. all slimes must be in the same order. -
here’s what we’re restocking!
baby love
banana berry
cereal milk
cappuccino cream
banana laffy taffy
coconut caramel confetti
carnival crunch
mystery misfit
vanilla bean coolata
electric limeade
fluffy pink candy
mickeys n cream
pastel mallows
space mountain
lime buttercream frosted cupcake
lemon confetti cake
ice cream scoops cereal
cotton candy frosting
pull n peel twizzlers
strawberry cream cheese
green apple laffy taffy
melted chocolate milkitas
blueberry buttercream
banana cream
blueberry yogurt
marshmallow twist
melted honeydew milkitas
blue snoball
frosted animal cracker

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blue snoball 🥥
same as my pink snoball slime! based off of the snoball snack cakes, they’re chocolate cake with coconut shavings. scented like chocolate & coconut :-)
they came out with a blue version of the famous snoball which is why i switched up the color!

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space mountain ⛰
scented cotton candy, will be available in tonight’s restock @ 6 pm est!

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scented like frozen margarita!! putty-like texture and will be discounted bc it slightly stains (it didn’t stain my hands at all but it stained my white nails?) idk, but this isn’t something they usually happens so I wanted to discount it. it’s also a putty so keep in mind it isn’t the stretchiest! :-)

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mickeys n cream 🖤
scented cookies & cream!! the base is rly thick & creamy and the lil mickey glitters are so cute and ofcourse the sprinkles -
inspo: @slimeaxis

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strawberry cheesecake kit-kat🍓
scented like strawberry cheesecake!! THIS BASE LOOKS just like cheesecake it makes me so hungry

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marshmallow twist 🍬
this is a repost bc i have like no prefilmed videos and i need my nails done so badly :(

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finished packaging up everybodies orders from sunday’s sale last night, they’ll be going out today so keep a look out for your tracking emails! because sundays restock was such a success with our 30% off sitewide sale, i wanted to thank you all by doing 15% off sitewide this sunday!! and we’re gonna make this restock HUGE!! comment below what you wanna purchase during the restock ✨ -

this is from @blushingbb_slimes! the texture is so unique i play w this one all the time and it smells so good aaaand the colors are SO vibrant

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