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Gugg Staff shot: Tina (@must_see_tv), Global Communications—"I love that the building is recognizable from almost any angle or detail. This photo was taken on the last day of summer, and the white against the crystalline blue of the sky made me wistful for the passing season.” #FrankLloydWrightFridays

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The making of #OneHandClapping—artist Duan Jianyu painted on site during the installation period to present two sets of sculptural work of cast bronze carrots and baskets. Visitors can find the sculptures on both floors (5 and 7) of the exhibition. The artist was drawn to the anthropomorphic characteristics of carrots (which actually exist in real life as a result of genetic modification), and the implications of humans’ relationship to nature. Learn more at
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Artist Shaun Leonardo (@elcleonardo) investigates the state of public debate in contemporary society in "Primitive Games," a new commission for the Guggenheim Social Practice initiative. Loosely based on "calcio storico" (a historical form of football), a live performance on June 21 in the museum's rotunda culminates a series of movement-based workshops generated by and bringing together four seemingly divided communities. Learn more and buy tickets at
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Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen––visit the #Guggenheim this #FleetWeek and receive free admission when wearing your uniform today and May 25–May 28. Plan your visit at ––
Photo: David Heald

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim building has long inspired designers and visual artists to reinterpret its distinctive shape, from @newyorkermag covers to a hat, a tea set, and more. This tea set was recently revived by our retail team using new molds made from a popular set found in our archives. Available at the Guggenheim Store, the set beautifully evokes the building, and its modern lines are reminiscent of Wright’s own product designs. Read more about exhibition design and architecture at

Photo: Kris McKay
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Did you #GuessTheArtist correctly? Here’s the full view of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s “In the Salon (Au Salon)” (1893), from our collection. As a painter, printmaker, and illustrator, Lautrec's immersion in the theatrical Parisian life allowed him to produce a collection of enticing images of the vibrant and modern Paris. See this work on view in our Thannhauser Gallery and learn more about the artist at

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“Even when I am making an abstract work, there is a strong narrative in it. The brush marks make it more like writing a has strong associations with calligraphy.”—#GuggenheimAbuDhabi collection artist Imran Qureshi (@imranqureshiartist) describes his artistic process, and the narrative element to his abstract work, “The Garden Within” (2014). Qureshi describes the image as a dialogue between two trees, each emerging from a corner of the canvas to embrace each other in a dynamic at once romantic and violent. For the viewer, the central point of engagement is the nexus where the trees converge in a large, blood-red spatter. Learn more about the artist’s process, the scope of his practice, and what he’s working on now at

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This week’s #GuessTheArtist—this artist disliked the varnished surfaces of salon-style painting and deliberately created rough, sketchy canvases with an unfinished appearance. Comment your best guess below and we’ll share the answer by the end of the day. Good luck! #GuggenheimCollection #Guggenheim

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Did you know? While designing the @MuseoGuggenheim, architect Frank Gehry drew inspiration from artist Constantin Brancusi and his studio. Gehry used the idea of Brancusi’s studio as a metaphor for conceptualizing the dense interplay of forms and textures of the museum’s atrium. Gehry imagined visitors would have an experience similar to entering an informal studio space where different materials and scales form chance relationships suggesting a lively, urban environment.

Richard Serra’s Snake (Sugea) (1994–1997) in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, 1997. Photo: David Heald
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Starting today at 1 pm—On Saturdays through October 20, join a conversational tour of #OneHandClapping in Mandarin facilitated by an educator trained in art history and gallery teaching. Free with museum admission! Learn more at 「單手拍掌」普通話導覽與討論,由具備藝術史和美術館教育背景知識的展覽導覽員帶領。持美術館門票免費入場。

Photo: Scott Rudd

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To our followers in Italy—“Josef Albers in Mexico” opens today at @guggenheim_Venice. Discover never-before-seen photographs and photo collages taken by Albers during his frequent trips to Mexico, showing his passion for pre-Columbian art and architecture that influenced his abstract painting and prints and fueled his innovative approach to photography. Learn more at #JosefAlbers #PeggyGuggenheimCollection
Photos: Matteo de Fina

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Gugg Staff shot: Rachel (@theartropeik), Manager of Public Engagement—"I’m totally fascinated by the changeover period we have between each rotunda exhibition. Since our wide open space doesn’t have any doors to close, visitors get to see the work that goes into de-installing one exhibition and installing the next. Even though people can’t walk on the ramps, they do have the chance to get a direct behind-the-scenes look at how a museum operates, which I’ve never seen at any other museum. I give public tours about this process every time we do it, and visitors are always fascinated to watch, in real time, how an exhibition is made.” #FrankLloydWrightFridays #GuggChangeover

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