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Today is the final day to view Édouard Manet’s newly transformed “Woman in Striped Dress” (ca. 1877–80) before it travels to @museoguggenheim on August 16. Don’t miss the chance to rediscover the work in a new light after a multiyear conservation treatment that involved renaming the painting to more accurately reflect the model’s garment. Plan your visit today at #GuggenheimCollection

Learn more about the painting's restoration process at
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Tickets are now on sale for our performing-arts series @WorksandProcess! This fall, take a "peek behind the curtain of creativity” (@NYTimes) with @abtofficial, @AlvinAiley, @nytw79, @englishnationalballet, @metopera, and more. Explore the season at #workandprocess
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Thanks to all who shared #GiacomettiInspired works with us! Swipe left to view some of our favorite submissions by @gus.murrieta, @blejzca, @exquisedemarie, @colinfsgill, @tinadrascic, @talent_tale, @raveledo.arc, @beverlybrownart, @tomasmor_._, and @niloufar__torabi. We hope these inspire your own art-making!

See #Giacometti’s distinctive sculptures of the human figure, plus paintings, drawings, and more this summer. Plan your visit this summer at #Guggenheim

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Mary Ann Hoag, Head of Exhibition Lighting at the Guggenheim—“I place the shadows of a sculpture carefully, low and off to its side so the viewer first perceives the sculpture’s outline against the museum’s white background. Shadows are crucial for the viewer to perceive depth on the sculpture’s surface, but they also mimic the larger overall shape on another plane and are slightly distorted.” #FrankLloydWrightFridays

#Giacometti fills the ramps of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed rotunda, featuring nearly 200 sculptures, paintings, and drawings by the preeminent artist Alberto Giacometti, whose intense focus on the human condition continues to provoke and inspire new generations. Plan your visit at

Photo: David Heald
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Have you had the chance to rediscover Édouard Manet’s newly transformed “Woman in Striped Dress” (ca. 1877–80) in our Thannhauser Gallery? After a multiyear conservation effort, the restoration reveals Manet’s energetic brushwork and a nuanced range of color previously muted by layers of thick varnish. Plan your visit before the painting travels to @museoguggenheim on August 16. #GuggenheimCollection

Learn more about the painting's restoration process at #Guggenheim #ÉdouardManet #Manet

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“…They are by far the most beautiful photographs that have been made of my things, and, most important, at the same time they have a reality in themselves; each one is a creation in itself, one more beautiful than the other.”—Alberto Giacometti, in a letter to iconic photographer and designer Herbert Matter. These riveting black-and-white images were recently acquired into the Guggenheim’s archives, and provide a glimpse of the special connection between the two artists that formed a strong artistic and personal bond after coming into contact in 1950. View these photographs in #Giacometti through September 12. Plan your visit at
Photographs from left to right: Herbert Matter, “Four Large Standing Women (The New York Women)," (1960s); “Cloaked Sculpture in Studio” (1960s); “Standing Woman”(1960s)

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Enter our #Giacometti giveaway for a chance to win an exhibition catalogue! To enter, tell us about a time that someone inspired or influenced you or your work.
UPDATE: Thank you for sharing your stories with us, we loved reading them! The contest is now closed and we have contacted the winner.
*Contest ends on Monday, August 6, 12 pm EDT. Full terms and conditions at
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“During my visit to see the ‘Josef Albers in Mexico’ exhibition, the winter afternoon light had cast a particularly soft shadow across the museum’s exterior. The play of light on form perfectly captured the sculptural nature of Frank Lloyd Wright’s design.”—Gugg visitor Hagen Scutt #FrankLloydWrightFridays

📷 Hagen Scutt
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Have you been following our #GiacomettiInspired series and want to participate? Share your original work on Instagram with #GiacomettiInspired by tomorrow, August 3 for a chance to be featured!
Today's artist is miniaturist Amanda Kelly (@pandaminiatures)—"Artist studios are fascinating because they give insight into how the artist thinks and works. During my research on Alberto #Giacometti, I found a recreation of his Paris studio which inspired me. I created a miniature of his worktable complete with dirty rags, clay dust, incomplete sculptures and paintbrushes. I wanted to capture the essence and atmosphere of Giacometti's artistry." Medium: mixed medium, 1:12 scale miniature. #Guggenheim

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Happy birthday #JennyHolzer! For more than forty years, Holzer’s incisive work has drawn on the explosive power of the written word. Incorporating strategies of mass-communication and the politics of public space, her LED displays, carved-stone benches, projections, and more tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time. Holzer’s large-scale light projection “For the Guggenheim” (2008), cast the artist’s own writings and selections from poems by Wisława Szymborska onto the newly restored exterior of Frank Lloyd Wright’s curving architecture, creating a compelling environment for looking, discussing, and gathering.
Photo: Kristopher McKay
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Did you #GuessTheArtist correctly? Here’s a full view of Marcel Duchamp’s “Nude (Study), Sad Young Man on a Train” (1911–12), from @guggenheim_venice’s collection. Born today in 1887, this work shows a period when Duchamp was exploring Cubism, though still adhering to the conventions of painting and narrative structure. Shortly after the execution of this and similar works, Duchamp lost interest in Cubism and developed his eccentric vocabulary of mechanomorphic elements that foreshadowed aspects of Dada. Learn more about the artist at #Guggenheim #GuggenheimCollection #MarchelDuchamp

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