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Happy Birthday 🤴🏼@paulmccartney .. A beautiful man with a beautiful heart and a beautiful family.. The greatest of the greats!! My wife was named Michelle because of this man.. and my son was named Jude because of this man.. “All you need is Paul.. All you need is Paul.. All you need is Paul , Paul.. Paul is all you need”...
❤️💛💚 #LOVE 🎶

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Father’s Day and my daughters Birthday are on the same day this year.. Happy Birthday my angel, my heart, my LOVE ❤️💛💚.. Blessed to be the father of 👫👬amazing children.. Happy Father’s Day to my incredible kind and caring Abba (dad in hebrew).. Happy Father’s Day to @davidgeffen who doesn’t technically have any children of his own but has provided fatherly advice and support to so many of us.. hundreds of us.. I’m one of the lucky ones that has received almost 3 decades of it!! Happy Father’s Day to all my dear friends.. so many of you inspire me as a father.. and if you are reading this and are a father, then happy Father’s Day to you as well.. today’s agenda: Birthday, Fortnight, Brazil 🇧🇷 ⚽️ game all today.. #funday #beautifulday .. 📸 by brother @davidmushegain

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The sounds of New York City at sunset 🌅

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Feliz Dia dos Namorados!! Today is Valentines Day in Brazil 🇧🇷 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 .. Wishing all Brazilians a happy Valentine’s Day... especially my favorite Brazilian.. My 👑.. 🌸🌼🌸🌼❤️💛💚 #caetanoveloso 🎶

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Tonight at the #apollotheater @u2 .. @siriusxm #NYC

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This cool dude @kevindurant has the weekend off because he finished his work a week early... 🙌🏽 Congrats @richkleiman .. happy for you both.. 👏👏 #bestintheworld #1

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Three days ago. June 7 2018 would have been The 60th birthday of 👑 @prince ..
The Music Gods were very giving to the world in 1958.
Prince , Michael Jackson and Madonna were all born that year in just a 12 week period.. June to August.. The King, The Queen and The Prince.. I shot this video the night of feb 15 2015. Technically it was the morning of the 16th.. It was the after party for SNL 40th anniversary.. the jam session on stage was one artist after the other .. Prince was in the room but he hadn’t gone on stage to perform yet. You could feel the anticipation growing for him to possibly get on stage.. At one point you could hear a few people chant “Prince , Prince, Prince”... I believe this was started by @jimmyfallon ..
If Prince isn’t feeling it, no chant would ever get this man on stage.. All of a sudden, he started walking towards the stage, got up there and per usual rocked it with “Let’s Go Crazy”.. It was the first and only time I had actually filmed him performing .. I’ve seen him live many times.. He didn’t like people filming him during his performances, he wanted everyone to be in the moment, but on this night with so many cameras up in the air, he didn’t seem to mind, so I took out my phone and began filming. Especially with brother @chrisrock standing right next to him, I had to.. He was spectacular..
This piece of video is the final 43 seconds of that performance. He ended with the last words of the song “Take Me Away” and points up to the ☁️ ☁️..
The angels may have taken this man away , but he is with me now and always. Love you my friend. I leave you with the two words you signed to me when I was 12 years old: “God Bless”...💜💜💜

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Love Love Love... congrats to our beautiful friend @tabithasimmons on her wedding today 👰🏻🤵🏻.. #NYC with these two.. All you need is ❤️💛💚..

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Happy Birthday to @mamasinthebuilding on the right.. this girl lights it up up up.. she’s ☀️.. ❤️💛💚 .. photo with my 👰🏻 and my b-day sister @gwenstefani taken by @davidmushegain

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Season 2 of #TheFour premieres tonight on fox.. @diddy and @djkhaled .. #letsgo .. I’m half Moroccan so @frenchmontana let me jump in this photo.. 😉

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I’m looking up to my son on his graduation day.. I look up to him everyday.. Time is flying by.. LOVE ❤️💛💚

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When your son has played 1000 games of @fortnite and he finally for the first time wins and comes in at Number 1!!! And daddy is just as excited.. 👨‍👦❤️💛💚

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