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Our little Sage has been gone for five years now. Harlow still makes sure to take naps with her though. Harlow and Sage loved napping together more than anything. ❤️

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Happy Moonday!

We are excited to be teaming up with @utahhumane for Bark at the Moon, a dog-friendly evening festival on August 17th in Salt Lake City!
The festival will begin at 4pm at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. There will be food trucks, live music, a beer garden and a 3K/5K walk/run!
The best part of all? 100% of the proceeds will go to Utah's homeless pets!
Visit the link in our bio to register! And use the promo code HARLOWANDSAGE for 50% off your ticket price. You can also join our team: Harlow and Sage

If you can't attend the event but would like to make a donation to Utah's homeless pets, please visit: give.classy.org/harlowandsage

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Hot Dog Days of Summer 😎

Thank you to everyone (and their dogs) who joined us for the 3rd Annual Dog Day of Summer yesterday @thisistheplaceheritagepark
And a huge thank you to This Is The Place Park for hosting such a fun event for dogs and adoptable dogs from @nuzzlesandco
We had the best doggone time!
To see all of the photos from the event, visit: facebook.com/harlowandsage (the link is in our bio)

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TGIF! 🎶 Sofi Tukker

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Happy 5th Birthday to our amazing little Indiana Thunderbolt! 🎈

Indi is definitely the boss at our house and keeps everyone in line at all times. She is also the sweetest and most protective of her sisters and brother. She watches every single thing they do and lets us know if something isn’t quite right. She’s the best little big sister on the planet!

We love Indiana more than she loves tennis balls.... and that’s a lot! ❤️ Happy Birthday Spin!

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Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

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Is your pet an everyday hero?! We want to see! We’re teaming up with @nickjr ‘s #PAWPatrol and the PEDIGREE brand to share everyday dogs doing extraordinary things when fueled by #PEDIGREE Small Dog Food. #AD
Visit the link to create a custom photo of your extraordinary best friend and enter for a chance to win a one-year supply of dog food:
No purch nec. #MissionEverydayHero

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Traditional Family Foster Photo @harlowandfosters
Seven homeless puppies- all rescued by our friends @nuzzlesandco, have passed through our home since December. We have loved each one so much. Fostering is by far the best thing our family has ever done. ❤️
@jeffreyandjanis is missing because he didn’t like the stairs very much. 😊

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The Wind Beneath My Ears
Come and see us in Salt Lake City next Saturday! (8/11)
We will be celebrating the third annual Dog Day of Summer at This Is The Place Park from 10-2!
There will adoptable pets from @nuzzlesandco, delicious food and lots of activities for dogs so please bring your furry best friend!

2601 Sunnyside Avenue

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“Put that camera away! We’re not dressed!” 🛁

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Today, our foster puppy learned all about the stairs! @harlowandfosters

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Bark Less, Wag More

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