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Last piece of footage from a recent session with @adam_highfield_1 from @rggoalkeepergloves. This session was built around foot movements to be able to get into a good position to make a save.

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More footage from a previous session with @adam_highfield_1 from @rggoalkeepergloves. Great to have quality instruction. This drill was focusing on footwork and incorporating a crossover set.

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No training today with @adam_highfield_1 from @rggoalkeepergloves but i did find some footage from a recent session. As always with a good session working on technique then expanding. It's HUGE privilege to be working with such a knowledgeable coach.

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Last weeks session with @adam_highfield_1 from @rggoalkeepergloves using a different camera angle! Always good to get things from a different perspective.

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Final drill putting all of the session together in the fading light with @adam_highfield_1 from @rggoalkeepergloves. *apology for the poor lighting*

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As always building on the theme of the session with @adam_highfield_1 from @rggoalkeepergloves. Crossover step ,setting low and and wide ,quick feet over to make the save!!

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Early drill from yesterday's session with @adam_highfield_1 from @rggoalkeepergloves.
Building on from the last couple of weeks with the crossover step, setting a little lower and wider then moving feet as quick as possible to give best chance of making a save.

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Basic warm up with @adam_highfield_1 from @rggoalkeepergloves to get the feet and hands moving, incorporating both the crossover step for movement and scoop method to make a save.

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That moment when your coach has had enough!!.. Hey @adam_highfield_1 from @rggoalkeepergloves 😂😂😂

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Quick look at my final drill with @adam_highfield_1 from @rggoalkeepergloves. Putting all the movements we had been working on during the session, quick feet, cross over step and attacking the ball whilst diving.

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Recent training session with @adam_highfield_1 from @rggoalkeepergloves this drill was focusing on footwork incorporating a cross over step whilst using the scoop method to make the save.

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From last weeks session with @adam_highfield_1 from @rggoalkeepergloves as always starting with the techincal side of keeping!

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