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Chic!! Perfect for travel!! My Envelope Clutch and new Metal Navigator Power Frames from #VBEyewear x VB victoriabeckham.com #VBDoverSt

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Photo by @simonnorfolkstudio
Channelling Wes Anderson somewhere on the Furka Pass in southern Switzerland... The Hotel Belvédère, once an idyllic spot for travellers wanting to explore the nearby Rhône Glacier. The 11,000 year old glacier is receding at a rate of approximately 130 feet a year, and as the glacier melts away from the pass, fewer people visit. The hotel is now closed indefinitely. Passers-by still stop to take pictures of the building and its mountainous backdrop, yet the building now stands with its doors and windows boarded-up, a testament to the passage of time and the impact of climate change.
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Terima kasih teman2 sudah datang dan sudah menyempatkan ke Bioskop nonton Film "DIMSUMARTABAK" dan ketemu Aku langsung 😍

Yuk yang belum nonton, ajak teman, keluarga ke Bioskop hari ini
Kita rame2 #santapDIMSUMARTABAKdiBioskop

Jangan lupa TAG FOTO TIKET NOBAR kalian ke Aku @ayutingting92 & @dimsumartabakthemovie ,, INGAT!! yang paling banyak nanti akan di Folback sama aku 🎉🎉🙏💃

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Y Allah 😭,peringatan untuk diri sendiri yg kadang g sadar nuduh si a si b,padahal belum tabayun dan belum tentu kebenarannya ,belum lagi kalo yg kita tuduh sakit hati ,apa yakin bisa ketemu minta maaf sebelum mati?smoga kita bisa jadi lebih baik lagi dan tidak bangkrut di hari akhir ❣️maafin maafin maafin 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❣️

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Which one?! 😂💀 #WSHH

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Like father, like son. Bronny Jr. seems to be taking after his dad, @KingJames. 🏀 (via @slamonline)

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Orgulloso Papa de estos tres galanes de novela tres flow diferente tres seres especiales tres pedacitos de mi los amos y si Dios m diera la oportunidad de volver a nacer quisiera que me de la oportunidad nuevamente de ser su papa Grax x ser mi motor mi inspiración mientras yo respire tratare de guiarlos por el camino correcto y de enseñarle que las cosa se ganan y que hay que meter Cojones pa salir hacia delante los amo ❤️ Kefren🐊 Keylon 🐅 Owen🐆

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so lucky to have you ✨

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#Regram #RG @conservationorg: Called the “Fitbit for the oceans,” the Ocean Health Index assess ocean health on a local and regional scale. And for the very first time a score has been indexed for Hawaii.
For the people of Hawaii, there is a deep-rooted spiritual, physical and emotional connection to the ocean. When the ocean thrives, the people thrive. The Hawaii Ocean Health Index, built on cultural, economic and ecological values, is the first assessment of its kind to give a more complete picture of ocean health regionally, measuring the benefits our oceans can provide now and into the future. This data sets the stage for a new normal when it comes to safeguarding oceans and coastal environments around the world.

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And to my wonderful husband. Watching you become a Father warms my heart ❤️ You’re a natural and Hart is the luckiest boy to have you as his Dad. 🙏🏻🌈👼🏻

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Hello Papa @raphaelmoeis ❤️
Happy Fathers Day 💋

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Which is your favorite 💄
ABH Matte Lipsticks 😘 @christy_tran09

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Yang Tercinta...Yang Paling Segala Galanya Di Atas Dunia Ini !



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My dancing partner since before I could even walk. To the man who taught me to get back up when I fell down. Happy Fathers Day. I love you dad. You’re a great man. Thankful for all that I’ve learned from you. ❤️

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You're one in melon 🍉

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Rooftops of Lofoten Islands ❤️ (📷: @ryanresatka)

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HOREEE .... libur tlahh tibaaa 🤗🤗🤗
Ayooo lengkapin liburan kamu dengan sesuatu yang manisss dan Tergurihhh .. Liburan lebih seru jalan2 ke Mal Kelapa Gading bareng keluarga dan icip icip Gulu Gulu Cheese Tea ..
Soalnyaa ... mama Isel dan Gempi punya yang special nih buat kamu , yaituuu Buy 2 Get 3, Gratisnya adalah Cheese Black Tea Regularr ... .
Oiaaa , kalau Gempi paling suka celup celup biskuit stick ke Cheese Foamnyaa,, Gurihnyaaa jadi makin kerasa bangettt dehhh ... .
Makin gak sabar mau cobain ? Buruan ke Gulu Gulu Mal Kelapa Gading 3, Lantai 3 (Food Court Area) 🤩🤩🤩
#GuluGulu #GuluGuluCheeseTea #GuluGuluMKG3 #GuluGuluGisel #Partea #cheesetastic

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Shirley a savage 😤 #WSHH

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All Ages, All Races, All Genders ✌️#MACLovesPride #Regram from M·A·C Artist @mttthw

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That’s my girl

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Happy Father’s Day Dad 😊❤️ @dandallas5701 wish I was with you today

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Body language: @klyukina_d wears iconic foundations from #CALVINKLEINUNDERWEAR. #MYCALVINS

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Father’s Day part two. Love, mama. I touched up my under eyes yeah what

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Hoje foi um dia inesquecível pro nosso “Hora do Faro”.Pela primeira vez concorremos com a estreia do Brasil numa Copa do Mundo. O placar chegou a 52(Globo) X 1,8 (Record).E conseguimos, com o término do jogo, chegar a 13 pontos!!!!!De 1,8 pra 13 😱, chegando em várias cidades a encostar na Globo e vencer a concorrência pela vigésima primeira vez apenas em 2018 (21X3)Um feito inacreditável graças a Deus, ao trabalho da nossa equipe maravilhosa e a todos vocês!!!!!Juro que achávamos que hoje ficaríamos com uma média de 1 ponto, 2 e no entanto, conseguimos esse resultado (8 pontos de média em SP).Obrigado de coração a todos vocês que torceram pro nosso Brasil na Copa e depois vieram assistir em peso nosso programa!!!!!Nunca esqueceremos esse dia!!!!🙌🏻🇧🇷💥😱🚀😍

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So me lembro de gritar “Fora numero 11 suiço” @loracarola @angelicaksy @fernandasouzaoficial @leo_fuchs @brumarquezine #copabygloss

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تحت رعاية عدسات امارا @amaralenses
Beauty by @marisolbautistaa

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t̶r̶o̶u̶b̶l̶e̶. #SomethingNew

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