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Pretty in pink @fashionnovacurve 💖
Search: Zipper Up Crop Top - Dark Rose

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BEACH bettah have my money 💦

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Bless me and comment your favorite song 🗯

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Here’s some face for you 👀

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I don’t watch sports but I’m a player @sportsillustrated

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Today was a hard day for me. When I say that I didn’t expect this from my career when I made a new Instagram account in late Nov, I really mean it. When you sign up for things like this you never think of the negative’s only the positive’s of people seeing you. & Yes, i am SO extremely grateful for the little success I’ve had BUT today I received a lot of hate and body shaming. I don’t normally let things like that bring me down but today was exceptionally hard, so I feel the need to address it and post this. I’m so thankful for the people in my life, the followers I have. The girls I’ve known only for a hot minute that were ready to comfort me when the backlash seemed too much.
You know who you are. I appreciate you more than you know and you’re the reason I can continue with a whole heart & Just know I’m there for you all the same. However much you think I love you, I love you 1000x more.
Also, to anyone leaving horrible, degrading comments. I hope you find the peace and love you deserve.

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Always a slut for the new Amber Rose X @fashionnovacurve collection.
It just dropped today so get it RN before it’s all sold out! 🤤🧡💦 Search: “Don’t judge me tee - blue”
& “Trippin’ Over you joggers - orange”
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Yellow by @kayleemariee 🍋

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These are my comfy travel clothes, what do you wear when you travel?
Comment below 👇🏼♥️

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The beach bout to get whatever body I give it.⚡️ Don’t come for me, telling me to cover up. All summer gonna be back rolls, tummy, love handles and booty ERRRYWHERE .🍑 We don’t have time for negativity, insecurity or body shame. Pull that ass out and make them weak in the knees 😇 (And if you have anything rude to say, kindly go to your mothers page and comment there instead.)

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@fashionnovacurve baby till the end. ♥️
Search: ‘Love sex money dress’ ✨🥂
Available on their online shop nowWW. So you bettah run and get it. While it’s still there! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

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Sweet like honey

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