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BUB's signing her headshots for her meet and greets this weekend. Meet BUB in Chicago and help animals in need, link for tix in bio! #lilbub #goodjobbub

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Every time you buy @halopets products, you also donate a bowl of food to a shelter pet. That's why BUB is proud to partner with Halo - they are as serious about making a difference as they are about making great food for your pet. #HaloFeeditForward #goodjobhalo

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A wide-eyed-wonder in wide-eyed wonder. #lilbub #scienceandmagic

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Meet BUB, pet BUB, pick up one of these exclusive limited edition Chicago BUBs shirts AND help raise a ton of money for animals in need at the Meow Meetup in Chicago this weekend! Get tickets before it sells out at the link in BUB's bio, or at #lilbub #chicagobubs #lilbubswhitesox

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Wow BUB! You look absolutely STUNNING today. #scienceandmagic #lilbub

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BUB only watches TV one week out of the year, and that's SHARK WEEK. @SharkWeek starts on 7/22 on @discoverychannel at 8pm #sharkweek #sponsored #lilbub #lilshark

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It's BUB! #lilbub #bilbobubbins #smallbutmighty

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This is what I wake up to. #lilbub

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funny chin scratch #lilbub

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Tell us how you really feel, BUB. #lilbub

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The look on BUB’s face when I told her she could meet YOU in Chicago at the Meow Meetup July 21/22. Info and tickets at the link in BUBs bio or at

All proceeds from BUB’s meet and greets always benefit homeless pets. You can pet BUB, get a photo with BUB, an exclusive signed photo print, and help animals in need, and receive good luck forever. #goodjobbub #lilbub

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Rosco kisses BUB's lil butt #lilbub #roscobear

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