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Happy Monday!! 1st contract under new business DONE! #1stofmany #business #growth

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SHEESH!!!! Had to borrow this from my guy @rio_facultyent !! Ppl used to respect your name based off interactions either they or someone they know had w you. Now you just gotta take a bunch of pictures w others and "look" like you somebody lol. #timeshavechanged

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***PROMOTERS*** not that this is needed, bc I know y'all already stepping up! But for the folks who don't know, the boys are having this event this weekend to benefit our brother @pyro529 all of the proceeds will go to him. I need everyone who this man has ever held down to now show him the same love back!! Buy a/some tickets from @beastthe1 #supportarealone

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Inspiration!!! @kingjames

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I know everyone says a version of this but DAMN if it's not true 🤷🏽‍♂️. Fake is normal now

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2moro! Uptown 5-9p FREE!!!! Come thru!

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I must say, I'm doing ok w this life thing! Great family, friends and the support of your community. What else can I really ask for!? So blessed to see 42!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

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Aye @djfatzthegovernor !! It's our Birthday! I say we let LADIES IN FREE ALL NIGHT this Saturday Night!! Uptown 5504 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd

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YES you can purchase tickets at the door

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