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There are so many lovely pictures of her, but this one speaks to me beyond my friends beauty....hope u all also give it love. @katrinakaif

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It’s @katrinakaif ’s Birthday and we all at #Zero miss her!!! Maybe I should put a picture of her from the film and send out a loud Happy Birthday wherever she is??!!

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The women on the sets made us take this...and pyaar ही प्यार, बेशुमार हो गया। Through the windows to our souls...we found the same thing...

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After years the wife has allowed me to post a pic I have taken...she’s all heart!

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This journey is incomplete without u all. Here’s telling all of u who made this possible how happy u make me feel.

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A film never finishes...but so many beautiful things come to an end around it. Thanks everyone for a very fruitful & hectic shoot. #ZeroTheFilm

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Notwithstanding that the kids had no other option & yeah I admit maybe there is just a hint of a bias here...this kinda completes a fathers life.

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Love is always only in the eyes….here’s all of ours to u on Eid. Eid Mubarak to everyone & may ur families be happy & healthy.

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Yeh lo..yeh lo @aanandlrai ki taraf se...Iss baar Eid Ka Meetha bahut Tez hai. To everyone from me and the whole team of Zero...Eid Mubarak. Love u all & hope u like it. #ZeroCelebratesEid

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Was reading and came across this line....’ Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother ‘ and then this picture of the ladies...sach hi hai!!

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As an actor I have always wondered how closely the expression for reminiscing matches the expression for looking forward into the future. Like the circle of #Zero. Here’s to looking forward to love life creativity & wisdom as we move on...

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My sunshine turns 5 yrs today but he thinks he is 9! Please don’t tell him otherwise if u meet him. Children should hear their own music, sing their own songs & believe in their own lil dreams...& yeah, hug their papa a lot..

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