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Just because I don't come here often...

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“Stay humble.” Being patient. Being gracious. Thank you God.

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You know I had to show love @rapsody. My favorite rapper. #jamla

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“Picket lines and picket signs, Don't punish me with brutality, C'mon talk to me, So you can see, What's going on.”
-HAPPY HALLOWEEN ‘17 #blackpantherparty’66

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Blessed to have @joeysredhots provide food for the kids at my camp this past Thursday and Friday in Chi-town. I can testify that when we decided to do things through pure service, the Lord will find a way to provide. Big thank you!

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Big thank you to @bucks partner @cousinssubs for supporting my camps these past two days in Milwaukee!! #TeamCousins ..... off to Chi-town for my second one. Stay tuned.

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Happy to always be by your side Dad. Still LilSonny no matter what. Thank you @champssports and @jumpman23 for honoring him. #RE2PECT.

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The young Paris.... Rocking 'Jaures' for @jordanbastille with @louisecarrasco. "It's a great city, Paris, a beautiful city -and- it was very good for me." -James Baldwin

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Without basketball, I wouldn't of been able to see half the places I've been to. Also very fortunate to see some future int'l hoopers this morning in Paris. I'm blessed with the small amount of influence I have to still impact lives. Excited to see more of the city and check out #Quai54 this weekend.

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