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Never stop moving. Never stop hustlin.
Hustlin’ - Song by @obasmusic

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As I am taking the next step in my journey and going back to my home of Chicago, I want to thank Bucks Nation for all of the incredible, unconditional support I have received over the past four years. I’ve come across some adversity in the young stages of my career, and I know my recoveries would not have been possible without the care and passion of such a strong fan base and community. You always stood by me and infused me with so much inspiration to persevere.
I want to thank the Bucks organization and ownership for believing in me and providing me and my family with nothing but love since they welcomed me into their franchise. I also need to thank my teammates who have always been a source of strength for me. While I am so excited to return to Chicago, I also know that I have been incredibly blessed to realize I will always have a second home in the great city of Milwaukee #FearTheDeer

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2372 S Logan Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207
United States

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Just because I don't come here often...

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“Stay humble.” Being patient. Being gracious. Thank you God.

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You know I had to show love @rapsody. My favorite rapper. #jamla

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“Picket lines and picket signs, Don't punish me with brutality, C'mon talk to me, So you can see, What's going on.”
-HAPPY HALLOWEEN ‘17 #blackpantherparty’66

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Blessed to have @joeysredhots provide food for the kids at my camp this past Thursday and Friday in Chi-town. I can testify that when we decided to do things through pure service, the Lord will find a way to provide. Big thank you!

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Big thank you to @bucks partner @cousinssubs for supporting my camps these past two days in Milwaukee!! #TeamCousins ..... off to Chi-town for my second one. Stay tuned.

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Happy to always be by your side Dad. Still LilSonny no matter what. Thank you @champssports and @jumpman23 for honoring him. #RE2PECT.

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