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happy father’s day, kids

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My whole life, I never thought I’d have the confidence to wear rainbow eyeshadow and I’m just really proud and send all the love to you all. I had a really hard day, but today I remember how far I’ve come. We’re all on different journeys with different end goals, but I’m proud of you all. Keep doing your best and being kind to yourself 🌈

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I care a lot about all my people and our cute little community and a part of that is listening to you all. I’m teaming up with @5Gum to discuss living life with no regrets and getting over nerves this summer by doing the things that you fear and I love having this discussion, especially for all of you 🌹 Growing up with social anxiety, getting out of my comfort zone was an absolute scarring and terrible experience for me and a lot of you guys have identified with that in one way or another. I learned about Lin’s incredible story that truly touched me and you guys NEED to check out and get inspired to leave your comfort zone. I had a fear of creating content that truly reflected myself when I first started youtube and now I’m proud to make videos about my mental health experiences and finding identity. I’m not only proud of me, but I’m proud of US and all we’ve accomplished. If you guys want to see Lin’s story, it’s linked on my instagram stories right now and it’s also on @5Gum’s youtube channel 🌟 #Ad #NoRegrets

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MY PEOPLE 💞🌈 I’ve teamed up with Princess Polly to give away 2 x $250 gift cards for all of you. We love a queen that spoils her people. All you need to do to enter is: 🌟 1. Be following me and @princesspollyboutique 🌟 2. Like this post
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*Winner drawn [June 21st, 2018] You can also use my code JESSIE for 20% off hehe 🙈🌧 #ad

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MY PEOPLE!! Comment your favorite song at the moment 🌟 You all have amazing tasteand I want to make more cute little music videos in front of this AMAZING WALL AHHH 💞 It’s located on Melrose Ave & North Ogden Dr in LA and was made for @theboldtypetv on @freeform a genuinely incredible show about friendship and strong women. The first season is super bingeable and I binged the whole thing in 2 days and fangirled when they reached out about their wall. Check out the season two premiere of #theboldtype on Tuesday at 8PM on Freeform. Love you xx, Jessie #ad

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I’m going to my first pride parade today ☺️ 🏳️‍🌈

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dove cameron was BEAUTIFUL WOW. we love girls supporting girls 💞

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we love a confident tall bean

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hi hi should I start tagging where I get my outfits from!? 💞✨ here’s a hella cute ootd with hiro and I 🌈 also, we love a converse queen with @converse_style and @journeys. working with them has been a dream come true because little middle school Jessie always begged for a new pair of converse for her birthday every year and still does 🐝 proud of us

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we love a confident queen

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I LOOK LIKE A GAY DISNEY PRINCESS 🏳️‍🌈 but on the real, I’m so enlightened by going to an incredible and inclusive event in Austria. It was all about acceptance and reminded me of why I enjoy using my voice the way I do. It’s so important to remind people that no matter their appearance, sexuality, etc. they’re valid. The world is full of negativity and adversity and I hope my videos make you feel at least a little bit more comfortable in your skin or happy ☺️ This wasn’t me going to this event, it was OUR accomplishment 🌟🌹

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