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I saw Panic! at the Disco and Hayley Kiyoko and wore a suit and rainbow makeup and felt so confident and hot 🌟🙈

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hey look ma, I made it

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I’M HAVING A CLOTHING LINE AT HOT TOPIC. SURPRISE 🌈🌹 look how confident and happy your girl is!!! WE DID IT! (link in my bio). Growing up, I was always hiding my interests for fear of criticism and judgement. Hot Topic was a safe space. A place where I remembered that there were others like me. A place that encouraged a shy girl like me to value expression. This is for all of you. So that all of you feel comfortable if you identify with me in any way. AND I’M DOING A MEET UP AHHH! If you live in California!! I’m doing a meet up at the Hot Topic in Hollywood on August 27th 🌟 The merch will be available on hot topic’s website and in stores. This is for us. So we all feel comfortable and love our interests ❤️ Baby Jessie would be so proud

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hey, me!! stop thinking everyone secretly hates you!! you’re a cute ass bitch that treats people right and people know that!!

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hehe I just wanna be a disney princess

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like this if you wanna maybe be in my next video 🌹 always wanna support my people

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young jessie had a nice butt wow

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who wants to go to a concert with me

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when you’re first place in mario kart 🚗 @chrisvillain

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pixie cut? 🙈

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