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This is the first photo taken of me and @caspar_lee together. (Probably just after I had beaten him on Fifa) we had NOOO idea how the next 5 years of friendship would pan out, but what we did know was that it was exciting and we were enjoying ourselves and eager to dedicate all our time into making the most of the crazy adventure we were on. Fast forward to now and we have successfully launched @margravinemanagement (go follow) Our own management company to help find/grow other people in the same position we were in in that first photo. I’m feeling very thankful to be given the amazing opportunities I’ve had over the years and I’m super excited to hopefully pass that on to others ☺️

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Off to the polo ooooo la la

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Today I got to bring one of my best mates and partner in crime to a Buckingham palace garden party. This whole journey of life continues to baffle me way too often. Thanks @clarencehouse for inviting me along ❤️

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On your way up the tree of success you’re going to meet a lot of other people climbing the same tree. Everyone is racing to the top and you’re going to pass a lot of people. It’s important to be nice and respect the people you pass and also help them get to the top with you. The tree branches get thinner at the top of the success tree and they can snap at any moment and you could fall right back down to the ground again. If you’re lucky, the people you were nice to on the way up will catch you as you fall.
The reality behind this picture though was that me and @caspar_lee climbed a tree.. he got higher than me but had stepped in cat Poo before hand and his feet were level with my nose.. swings and roundabouts ey 😂

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Always check your Oil kids ⛽️
Portrait by @jeckersley2212

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Ahhh driving through the countryside 👌🏼 I just want to take a moment to apologise to all the badgers, Fox’s and rabbits that got startled and disrupted by the sound of the Audi R8’s beautiful V10 engine.. but hey look on the bright side.. no one is trying to eat you 👍🏼 📸 @jeckersley2212

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We’re all aware that naughty things happen at the back of the cinema but I can assure you that this is as naughty as it got.. promise.
Also how cool is the @coach collab with @disney 👌🏼 #coachxdisney 📸 - @josephsinclair 👕 - @krishanparmar_ 💄-

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What a pleasure to meet The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall today. You all know how much I love my thatching and it’s so nice to see that @theprincesfoundation is helping to keep these old trades alive 😊🌾

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Back to where it all began 🌾
#thatching #thatcherjoe #roofthatching

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So apparently “say cheese” translates to “poke your tongue out” in Dog.

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Took about 2 hours but he finally let me get close and pet him.. next up, teaching him how to fetch

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Had the best day yesterday celebrating my Grandads 80th birthday! Here’s a photo of him when he was younger. I wish those good looking genes got passed down to me @grandadchippy !

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