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This took a legit half an hour... just let that sink in. #babies #adorable #polite #bossbaby #bossbabybackinbusiness #attractivejapaneseanimatedfemales #cool #rad #neato #wow!

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Boss Baby vs Thanos! Who will win the epic brawl!? #bossbaby #thanos #theavengers #animegirls #epicbrawl #epic #deathbattle

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Been working on this one for approximately 516263627 hours also @0li._p for co-creating the idea and co-editing

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Another embarrassmentuhh I mean video

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Thought I let u boyz know about this serious topic brought to u by the sexiest man alive captain frendo-nintendo (and maybe @0li._p)

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I personally like the bit where I got something wrong. That made me lol

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I’m sorry, I don’t know why I chose to make this video about you, or why I decided to make this video at all but...

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Thanks for a good time bois. Lol jk duck you all

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Happy Easter Thanksgiving fans!

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Lol get roasted u slimy filthy scum of a human (jk)

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What the flip Lorax

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Here’s a bunch of trash

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