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nikita’s apology which is also on her story:
if you do not support her still please unfollow, I love and support nikita and this account is not for you and I will not stop supporting her because you’ve seen one drama channel vid and want to follow a bandwagon, period.

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just posted an hour ago if y’all haven’t seen it already 💋

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past mistakes don’t define you
#omgpage #nikitadragun

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posted my roger smith edit on @sighanime , go & check it out laid ease and support me 💗 (it’s still an anime account lmfao)

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posted an hour ago so make sure to check it out 💗

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━ babygirl
ib. dulccet,, love you!
so happy with this
nikita is an aesthetic herself
#nikitadragun #omgpage

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just posted on my anime account @sighanime if y’all wanna go & check it out and support ya girl 💙 {swipe right for dat preview}

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━ I swear I lived
an appreciation post to a woman that I love so fucking much and who is such a fucking positive light (listen with earphones)
#nikitadragun #omgpage

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just posted on my anime account y’all if you wannna go & check it out and support ya girl💜 @sighanime

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━ not a lot of love
dt. @wickdfenty
beautiful inside and out
simply velocity edit to feed y’all
#nikitadragun #omgpage

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━ girl like you
I actually like this edit
she’s so fucking cute I can’t deal
#nikitadragun #omgpage

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