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just posted an hour ago,, go & check out my recent if you haven’t seen it already 👽

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━ kick rocks
its good to be back editing my favourite woman

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━ just a dream
my true mum
she’s so fucking cute
been knew kylie has my heart

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It’s 2am and this video is making me SCREAM

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━ she dreamed of paradise
dt. @kyleesvids 💗
she really is my favourite person omg
I love her so fucking much she makes me so soft

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━ harajuku girl
tried something new wig hope y’all like it
she’s feeding us well and stays serving looks

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just posted on my anime account @sighanime so go & check it out and support ya girl {swipe right for that preview ❤️} -

ALSOOO: ya girl has finished her exams: I did that! so turn on post notifs so you don’t miss a post, I’m finna be really active and thank you for supporting me ❤️

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━ shawty
I love a goddess!
so in love with her I can’t
a lil velocity edit till my exams are over
ib. vanity.edits

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can nikita just come to the UK already so I can meet her 😭

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nikita liked 💓

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━ falling in love with nikita
the cutest girl alive
she invented pink
ib. parkthx

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━ I’m not perfect but I’m perfect in your eyes
a nikita appreciation post because I honestly love her so fucking much!
she’s such an angel

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