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As if I could actually figure out how to start this boat on my own.. #alongfortheride #tyfrenchpresets

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Just a little hill. Jack and Jill probably climbed it like a million times..

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Anotha one.. @hairby_chrissy @habitsalon

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Only slightly looks like I’m wearing a karate gi.. #tyfrenchpresets

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I’ve been forcing my mom take pics of me while I’ve been home thinking that she would complain but instead she’s turning into a momager..

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Just a photo of some flowers that looked somewhat good on my feed..

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Obviously saying cheese and dreaming about it too.. 🧀 with the cheesiest @hairby_chrissy + @habitsalon

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Cooler than you.. @littlebabeolive

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Whipping this hair is a serious neck workout.. color by @hairby_chrissy braid by @taylor_lamb_hair photo by @griffithimaging

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☀️ #notcurrently

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When @taylor_lamb_hair braids your hair you go from this 🐟 to this 🐠.. @hairby_chrissy #tyfrenchpresets

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Does wrinkle release spray actually work? Asking for myself..

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