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Omg sooo tropical..

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Currently have a stiff neck and there’s a big possibility it’s from tilting my head in too many selfies..

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Probably trying to unstick my hair from my sweaty back #whocanrelate

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✌🏼because what else do you do with your hands when you don’t know how to pose..

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Now if only my dress was made from old curtains..

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I’ve worn scrunchies for years but only to bed. I was obviously sleeping on how cute they are..

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Actually the worst at giving directions.. 🛵#youweresupposedtoturnthere

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This shirt would give you some amazing tan lines.. @eggieshop linked on the app #liketkit

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Overdid it with the doodles but welcome to every note I ever took in school..

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Why is bread just soo good.. 🌾 screenshot to shop this look directly on the app #liketkit

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Smells like wet dog.. @littlebabeolive

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Was gonna try to make a joke but they all seemed too corny.. #dadjokes 🌽

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