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I’ve never really had many “yoga friends” in my area. I pretty much just go to the studio and leave 😝 I love the practice but struggle finding my place amongst the community. I often times feel like I can’t find many I can relate to. Being multifaceted narrows down your crowd a significant amount.
Maybe it’s because the few “yoga friends” I pursued ended up being a mind-fuck nightmare 😵. Emotional manipulation. *SUPERIORITY COMPLEX* (How’d I forget that one?😂) Condescending remarks once I got my sponsor. Creativity and words being infringed upon. My whole identity nearly got stolen. I built up a cement wall after the fact and have yet to let a lot of people in. I’m weird. I consider myself very open, yet closed off all at the same time.
People come to yoga for a variety of reasons. Many of us have skeletons we are trying to address. I know that’s mostly why I started. And maybe it’s that knowing that has kept me an arms length away from most. And I carry guilt. A lot of guilt feeling like I should be immersing myself more.
I have struggled to find peers who genuinely support me. Mostly just the day 1’s. But I know for damn sure that as time passes and I become my best self, I will continue to attract others that are suited for my happiness(and vice versa) and not the lessons I need to learn in life. We attract what we are yes, but we also attract what we need to learn. And I’ve learned to stop taking people for face value. To not automatically make them a friend because we’re into the same shit. To look out for those who do not support your successes, and realize they are not my friends. To think twice about the people I let in.
But at some point, guarding yourself for protection can also be what isolates you. Balance. Balance. Balance. It’s all balance. I don’t want to miss out on those good for me due to being traumatized from the past. 😕
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Got a sweaty practice in.
All my family is home. 💓
BBQ is on.
Cleaning my room.
It’s a perfect Tuesday evening. ☺️
(Maybe just need a glass of vino. 😉)
@aloyoga blurring the lines between yoga wear and fashion wear. 😋
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Yoga is a prayer in motion.

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So badly I wanted to post the new photo by itself but DAT PROGRESS THO. I need to do some side by side comparisons to when I was 200lbs compared to now as well. The before photo was nowhere near my heaviest weight.
Never give up darling. I was in a dark dark place. Getting here took a long time that’s for sure. 🙏🏼🙌🏼 Clothing by @aloyoga

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There is no “better” in yoga. There is no “worse” in yoga. Ones practice should never be measured by how far they can get into a posture, but rather the lessons they take with them off the mat and into the world. If you are yearning to become “better”, ask yourself why you aren’t realizing that where you are in this moment IS the best. The ego wants a lot. Ask yourself what is truly the motivating factor to desire such. You are doing your best. And that is to be celebrated regardless of how close your foot is to your head. That is your yoga. Someone could put their leg behind their head but still be a raging bitch, blind to the lessons yoga brings them. Is that better? #NOPE #thereisnosuchthingasbetter
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When I first began yoga in early 2011 there was no such thing as the IG yoga community, yoga selfies, yoga sponsorships, nothin. When I first started taking yoga pictures I had no idea that it would soon turn into my (career? If u could call it that?)
And in the process I have seen traditionalists(excuse me for generalizing) biting their nail beds.
I had teachers who projected their hatred of the social media attention yoga was getting to me at the very beginning of my career. Right when I was starting to get followers.
I had teachers who saw me get signed with @aloyoga , and for whatever reason suddenly doubted my authenticity as a yogi. I had to walk away from some who I had considered my favorite instructors. It was heart breaking.
Little do those instructors know what was really going through my mind. I feel like people love the idea of assuming that success means selling yourself. It’s really not true at all.
The very first thought that crossed my mind when I got signed was this: “no matter what happens, no matter how far this might take me, please don’t ever let me stray away from my authentic self. Dont let this make me ever forget why I truly practice. Don’t let me get a big head. Don’t let this get to me.”
Sometimes I wonder what those instructors would think had they known the truth, had they not projected their insecurities at me. And here I sit. The same dork I’ve always been with a humble heart. #neverjudge #assumingmakesanASSoutofyouandme
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Back from @nnmfestival feeling reawakened with some serious soul rejuvenation 😍🙌🏼 check out my personal account @luxerose_ for photos! Can’t wait for whatever festival I end up at next! I can never get over the feeling of being surrounded by conscious likeminded individuals all for the love of music, dance and art. Many times I feel alone but every time I go I am reminded of how many other people are out there supporting the same vision. It is medicine to my spirit. ❤️
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Take me to your leader 🤘🏼
Off to @nnmfestival for the weekend!! 🖤🎶 Drop a comment if you’ll be there! 😘
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Photo by me(which btw, this is by far the hardest asana to photograph yourself 😂) #thestruggle

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How do you deal with the injustice of betrayal?
There’s been a reoccurring theme throughout my life of getting screwed over and then painted as the bad guy when I was the victim. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. Living with the injustice can be infuriating. I’ve said this before. And then feeling like you can’t explain yourself because the act of explaining yourself makes you look stupid. It’s a catch 22.
Maybe life is teaching me to stop trying to please people who don’t care anyways. To stop trying to please those who will choose to see you how they desire despite the truth. I often find myself caring far too much about those who don’t care about me. And in the process I realize how many people have been waiting to watch me fail. That they never really were there for me.
This sounds like a pity party but I’m just being completely honest. How do you deal with betrayal? This is heavy on my mind. It sucks. I am done being the victim and still holding the lower end of the stick.
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Dream on, little dreamer. ✨ #aboveandbeyond
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Thoughts drift by like clouds in the sky. Let ‘em go, let ‘em go, let ‘em go.
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Hi. I’m Kristen Rose. 🖤
I wear makeup.
I listen to house music.
I wear nearly all black outside of my yoga clothing.
I don’t wake up at the crack of dawn.
I’ve always been drawn to the night.
I don’t always eat well.
Some days it’s hot Cheetos.
Some days it’s superfood smoothies.
I swear.
I’m strange.
I’m awkward.
I wear my heart on my sleeve.
I listen to the whispers of my soul.
I awaken when my spirit guides call.
I’ve always been drawn to Be Light.
I always strive to maintain balance.
Some days it’s yoga.
Some days it’s gettin loose on the dance floor.
I’m alive.
I’m human.
And I want to demolish pre constructed ideas of how any yogi should choose to live their life so as long as they live with the purest of intentions and the brightest of smiles. It’s time to rid of any guilt for the things that bring us joy.
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