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audio credit: @sc6ut
i got some major ideas for some upcoming edits 🀭

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i’m sorry πŸ’”
tried out a different style here ✨
ondi vil - so unfair

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dt @kzn.elegncy
ac @framednapkin

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@petitbiscuit - sunset lover
ib + dt: @imanni.x πŸ’•

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collab with @cartxons πŸ’• / ac: fendircse
@fatherkels @clairo (tag them?)

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mind is having a recruit
- use #mindrec1
- be active - any type of editor allowed - 2/3 entries | must be new
- due 06.27
- we look for respect & originality
- must have discord | pc or phone
comment if you have any questions. there will be a mep after the rec so look forward to that :’)

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i luv u πŸŒ™
rook1e - what love is, i think
collab with @sc6ut πŸ’“

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dt: trinity & brison :) / ac: 7nxkoh
@yazonline (tag her?)

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everyone go follow @dekuless for making me this profile picture! i believe he’s offering to make some, its free for a limited time, but he’s been a real og & follower for the longest time :) go hmu, he might be able to make you a pfp 🌝

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due to the insane amounts of support & messages i got last night, i have decided to reactivate my account. i have realized that this may not be the best option, considering the fact that my edits have helped a lot of people, and make others happy. i never knew how much my account meant to others. therefore, i will be leaving my account up until further notice. i may or may not still continue to edit, but for now i think i’ll just lay low a little bit. my accounts dying anyways, so there’s no point in trying to bring it back. sorry for the inconvenience lol, love you guys :)

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π–™π–π–Š π–π–Žπ–‘π–‘π–˜
(turn up brightness)
@theweeknd - the hills

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dummy feelings - i wish you never left πŸŒ™

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