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Just wrapping up an incredible trip in #Svalbard and there’s really no words that can describe the beauty and magic of this arctic paradise. I will most assuredly be posting many more photos in the weeks to come. Here‘s a flock of nesting #littleAuks flying underneath a #glory, which is essentially ice crystals in the atmosphere prismatically refracting to create this beautiful circular rainbow. Huge thank you to @naturalworldsafaris and the crew for this fantastic experience 🙌🏻

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Heading out into the Svalbard archipelago and off line for the next 8 days with @naturalworldsafaris, leaving behind this carousel of arctic & antarctic imagery. Hope you enjoy!

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Happy birthday to my dear friend, the ultra talented, hilarious and benevolent @paigeclaassen - Paige is not only a remarkable person and athlete, she also runs a nonprofit called SAEF in Southern Africa, an organization that helps children and teens with educational support, food, faculty improvements and overall building blocks for a more successful future. It’s a beautiful organization and one I’ll be donating to for Paige’s b-day. If you’re looking for an organization to support, SAEF is a fantastic one, link in my bio of anyone is interested, everything helps these great kids!

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Arctic bound ❄️ Next stop #Svalbard, excited to see this beautiful place over the better part of the next 2 weeks with @andy_mann & @naturalworldsafaris ! No place is changing faster than our arctic regions, ice recession and heat index is increasing with every passing year. We’ve already heard reports that Sea ice around Svalbard this season is the second lowest in recorded history and it’s only June. It’s scary. It’s never been more important to make small changes in each and every one of our lives if we want to have an impact in the right direction. Let’s all start with the easy stuff - Turn your lights off when you’re not using them, avoid single use plastics and make your voice heard by voting for leadership that has the environment as a priority! It’s never been more important to care and contribute to the solution 🙏🏻

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Polar bears. I mean, does it get any cooler? One of the all time apex predators, they actually spend so much time in the water that #polarbears are categorized as a marine animal. I’m currently in transit with @andy_mann to Svalbard for what’s sure to be an amazing adventure with @naturalworldsafaris, more soon! 😍

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Packed, ready and amped to head to #svalbard tomorrow for what’s sure to be a great trip! I’ll be there for the better part of 2 weeks enjoying this beautiful ecosystem with one of my favorite bros @andy_mann and @naturalworldsafaris - more in the coming weeks!

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Happy Monday! Here’s a mini carousel of one of my favorite regions and bustling ecosystems in the world, #Patagonia. Pictured here are #AndeanFox #Puma #guanaco #caracara and the beautiful mountains that surround this place, hope you enjoy!

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When the sky gets this dark you know it’s just a matter of moments before everything starts to unravel. Waving #wheat under a gigantic #superCell storm cloud in northern #Texas. It wasn’t long after this when the rain and hail came crashing down followed by a massive dust storm. Adventures in #stormChasing with @krystlejwright @nampix @tobypike @nampix 🌩

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Happy #worldOceanDay, with nearly 8 BILLION people on the planet this is a day so important that we should treat everyday where we keep the message of ocean preservation in mind. Easy steps are to just avoid a plastic bottle, recycle when you can, if you travel a lot like i do buy carbon offsets and VOTE for candidates that openly support the preservation of the environment we live in. That means fixing the pollution issue salmon farms are doing to the oceans ecosystem, chemical companies polluting the waters, over harvesting of fish populations, reducing carbon emission and conscientiously avoiding single use plastic’s. We as humans have a bad track record of responding to problems once they become so large that we have no choice. We’re nearly there so we should do everything we can now. Thanks for reading and please enjoy this carousel of ocean photos from all 7 continents 🙏🏻 @sea_legacy

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Press ▶️ / Shooting in a sandstorm is nothing short of miserable but damn if it isn’t beautiful. Here’s a single shot time-lapse on the fringe of #supercell as a dust storm blows in, blasting everything in its path and blackening out the sky / @krystlejwright @tobypike @nampix @skiparmstrong #stormchasing

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The nesting season is my favorite time to photograph birds. It’s a when birds break out all the fashion stops; feathers grow out ornately, vibrant pigments are shown and courting behaviors are displayed. A #cattleEgret seen here with full punk rock hair, displayed in full breeding plumage.

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Yesterday was the last of a 2 week storm chasing project, a trip of a lifetime and something I’m looking forward to doing again. Thanks to all for following along on the adventure, I’ll most certainly be sharing more content from the adventure in the weeks to come. Here is a massive #sandStorm bearing down on us in a desolate parking lot and abandon building near Ralls, Texas yesterday evening. These high winds are the product of a #gustFront from high based #superCell thunderstorm. Not 5 minutes after this was taken the sand overtook us, blackening out the sky and creating one of the most eerily beautiful scenes that was nothing short of unpleasant to work in. I’ll share the time lapse soon so you can see how gnarly things got! @krystlejwright @tobypike @skiparmstrong @nampix

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