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So happy to be back in Sydney! I’ve been travelling for the last two weeks and it feels so good to be back near the ocean ✨
Excited to have worked on the creative styling behind @samsungau’s home appliance launch for #HomeofBrilliance! ⭐️😊👏🏼 P.s Love the architecture of this home, when can I move in? 🙋🏻‍♀️

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When you have a 10 hour layover in Dubai and make the most of your trip by heading downtown to check out the Burj Khalifa! ⭐️😱

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So happy to have stumbled across this beautiful bouquet of peonies at the Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam. Nothing beats receiving 10 surprise stems from the owner 🙈💓 Obsessed with the tones of this city

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Picnics along the canals in Amsterdam 🍓Picked up some purple tulips for €15, despite tulip season being over! Lucky me 🌷🌷🌷

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It’s rare to find someone who lives on the other side of the world who is a carbon copy of you 🙈😳 Thanks for showing me around your hometown my @polabur! 🚲

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Picked up 50 stems of fresh peonies for €20 at the Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam today, Lucky me! 🌸🙈 Decided to also pay tribute to the charismatic & quaint houses with some homemade gingerbread cookies!

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Pre-floral-garland-workshop smiles in Monte Carlo with @lelabofragrances🌹 I’ve never attempted making a floral headcrown before and ended up in stitches when @notjessfashion said her talents lay more in eating than in anything else 😂
@fairmontecarlo #fairmontxlelabo

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Candid captures en route to dinner in Monte Carlo. It’s been a little while since I travelled for myself, decided to take a few days off from work - it’s important to prioritise yourself once in a while. Thank you for always dressing me in the most exquisite gowns, @pallascouture 🌟

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Incredibly humbled to have been surrounded by a group of such beautiful, talented and independent women. We’re so blessed to have been brought together by our common love for @lelabofragrances🌹 I’m going to miss you ladies! Thank you for making @fairmontmonaco such a good one! 😭💫 #FairmontxLeLabo
Have you ever been to an outdoor lunch party before? 🍴

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Having the most authentically prepared French cuisine in the French Riviera today made by an incredibly talented and down-to-earth chef, @bistrot_et_traiteur 🍴 Learnt so much about the making of Rose 31 by @lelabofragrances in partnership with @fairmonthotels 🌹🌹🌹 #fairmontxlelabo

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20 hours, 2 countries, 2 flights and a couple of time zone changes later.. we finally made it to Monte Carlo! 🙈🌟 #FairmontxLeLabo
@fairmontmonaco @lelabofragrances @fairmonthotels

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Brb, whilst I sip on my chai tea instead of replying to emails.. 🤦🏻‍♀️💘Thank you for setting up a home away from home for me @cmeocollective! ✨

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