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Are you a traditional Japanese or Western breakfast kind of person? 🍱🍥🍳
I love how Instagram manages to bring like-minded people together. I met @koentadyy 5 years ago at a little cafe in Glebe. We were both studying at the University of Sydney and decided to finally meet up after following one another for a few years. Who would’ve known we’d be in Tokyo together after all these years? Thanks for being one of a kind and happy birthday you gem! 💫✨⭐️
Let’s come back soon!

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Discovering the joy and strength in travelling solo and allowing my soul to breathe... Loved catching the metro, eating at hidden ramen joints, and having a cup of warm coffee with my analogue camera in hand - I felt so much joy in my little heart.. 💫
A special thank you to @kohki for this candid capture... we waited 40 minutes and entered the room with 30 other people and had exactly 1 minute in the room. Not a bad attempt I rate, What do you think? 🙈
📷: @kohki

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Where in the world do you want to travel to next? ✈️ A little thank you to @hermes for ensuring that I’m always well taken care of when I’m away from Australia 🙈
Excited to have taken part in an Immersive Hermès exhibit! Avec Elle, launching this month at the National Art Center in Tokyo, Japan, a cinematic experience based around Hermes' autumn/winter 2018 collection 🎬#HermesAvecElle

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Drafting up my latest photographic work for @hermes on my website tonight from the exclusive screening of #hermesavecelle! I’ve really enjoyed answering some of your questions and I’m apologetic that I haven’t gotten through them all. Are you guys enjoying this q&a session? 🙋🏻‍♀️

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Paying tribute to Elle café in Shibuya - a café embracing the concept of health and beauty.. now the real question is, are you a strawberry or pear kinda person? 🍓🍐
So good hanging out like old days @ahkays @kedama_dx 👯‍♀️

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Excited to be back in Tokyo! A city filled with so much beauty, depth and energy to it. It’s not often that you have the chance to cross paths with family and friends overseas during a work trip.
I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with one of my oldest and closest friends catching up over old laughs, thank you for being such a wonderful gem! @koentadyy

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Millennial pink🍴Dining in Wes Anderson colours at MaMa Kelly’s in Amsterdam🙈

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On set with @diormakeup 🖤Congratulations @peterphilipsmakeup on #DIORBACKSTAGE! Excited to be bringing this new collection along with me to Tokyo this weekend. New announcement to come 🙈💫

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I had my first 15 second galaxy experience with @yayoikusamas and it was mind blowing to say the least 😍 On my last trip to LA the waiting line to see this installation was 5 hours so I decided to give it a skip. Funny how when you don’t plan things, they sort of just fall into place. Thanks for hitting up La La land with me my @hollyphillips1 🌟✨🖤⚡️

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Drove 2.5 hours out of Sydney to the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, and watched the hazy blue skies transform to a blush pink... 💓🙈 I also got to see plenty of kangaroos and wombats during my short stay! 😱
Thank you for having me @olehenriksen @wolganv 💫⭐️

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Trying out the latest unicorn granola bowl, french toast and high tea craze in Sydney 😍😋 Couldn’t have asked for a better feed. I loved dining outside, amongst the fallen leaves 🍂🍁 Would you try @cafeclaire.annandale out? 💫⭐️

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Feeling so lucky to have been able to tick Cherry Blossom season from my bucket list 🌸🌸🌸 Flowers can be quite temperamental so even though we booked flights in advance and did our research we almost missed it! 🙈
@superga_australia @peppermayo #collab

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