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Happy #FathersDay to the man that raised me ❤️

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The song that started it all. Recorded a special version for y'all. Hope you like it! (link in bio)

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The #CMTawards don’t end until midnight and I still haven’t finished my homework

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Sundays are also for the boys @ridersinthesky

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My best 5 vs your best 5. Who wants to play?

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This is my best friend Menno. A few weeks ago we were supposed to go to a baseball game but I had to cancel and go work on music in Nashville. I got to see him today and surprised him with this xbox! Never forget your friends!

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Started from a Walmart now I’m here #BBMAs

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Happy #MothersDay to the lady that raised me ❤️

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Excited to be back in Nashville to play the Grand Ole Opry tonight! 🤠

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The last few days have been a blast! 🤠 Thanks y’all!

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