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Keep the fire alive /// #35mm

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And again, my last post was deleted by instagram for breaking his silly moral. Anyway, this is one of the photos i shot with @lottyantonelli , you can see the whole (uncensored) set on the link in my bio! Go check it ✨Thank you @herbeautymag for the the publication and interview! 💎/// #6x6 #mediumformat

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Elevate your self /// #35mm #mirror #selfportrait

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Here's the first photo made by me and my lovely @thaismontessoribrandao for @_egokid_ band, excited to announce this great collaboration. News very soon! /// Super felice di annunciare questa collaborazione con la mia amica di sempre @thaismontessoribrandao per @_egokid_ appena entrati in INRI! Tante belle cose in arrivo ✨💎
Art direction • @thaismontessoribrandao @liliaistalkative
Styling • @thaismontessoribrandao
Photo • @liliaistalkative
Assistant • @iris_therapy
#egokid #palette #band #music #blue #thaismontessoribrandao #liliacarlone #rainbow
#inri #inrirecords #inritorino #inrilabel @inritorino

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Ester /// #35mm

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Spying from dad's home /// #35mm

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One of my favourite shot of the last year. I'm working a lot lately and i hadn't shoot a single photo in the past 3 weeks. I don't want to force me but have a loaded camera always in my pocket can be a good point to start. /// #35mm

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Naples, shot by @iris_therapy /// #35mm

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Cit. /// #35mm

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Another shot with the beautiful Carlotta @lottyantonelli /// #120mm #mediumformat

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Projection /// #35mm

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My dad asked me if i needed some money to buy clothes, because i am often naked in my pictures, i laughed a lot with him and then I realized that it's true. I think i take photo of myself naked because i'm trying in some way to understand me more, it tooks me years to learn how to love my self, inside and outside. Selfportraits are the best way for me to appreciate myself, to look at my body from another point of view and to tell my self that I'm not too skinny and even if I'm too skinny it's okay, hoping that every woman is trying to do the same. ♥️ /// #35mm #selfportrait

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