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Using the last lilacs to make lilac sugar ✨ So happy with this new background from @artisanbackgrounds! I've been looking for a light background for ages but haven't really found one that I'm happy with, until now! Wishing you all a lovely Sunday ✨👋🏼

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I call this one 'peony against a white wall that doesn't look white'. Nah just kidding, but you can totally take moody photos like this one even when you have white walls at home (that wall IS white)! I use a dark curtain to block out the light closest to the wall, leaving a small part of the light coming into the room - That's where I hold the flower, fairly close to the window. Make sure to underexpose too and perhaps add some vignette when editing ✌🏽I love taking photos like this, experimenting is key!

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Seriously cannot believe the weather we're having. I don't even remember the last time it rained, and seems like all the midsummer flowers are already in bloom 🌸🌱🌿 Not complaining (except for our apartment being a gazillion degrees but who cares 😅🤷🏻‍♀️) Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

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I think I need to make this lilac cordial from @myfeldt's book #blåbärssnåräppelskruttochrabarberskugga whilst the lilacs are still in bloom. Have you ever tried it? 💜

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Nora, Carry and Collin enjoying the beautiful wisteria in Merano 💜It grew just about everywhere there! #meetmerano

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Din Stund med chia & havssalt är brödet som hyllar tiden du har för dig själv. Jag hyllar min tid genom att förbereda en extra lyxig frukost att njuta av i sängen innan dagen sätter igång, gärna med en stor bukett blommor vid min sida och en kokbok att bläddra i. Här har jag toppat knäckebrödet med ricotta, ugnsrostade rabarber med vanilj, honung, mynta och hackade pistagenötter. Så himla gott!
#Wasa #knäckebröd #dinstund #gemenskap -
Celebrating my time by preparing a delicious breakfast to enjoy in bed, accompanied by lots of coffee, a big bouquet of flowers and an old cookbook to flip through. I love sweet breakfasts so I decided to top @Wasabrod chia & sea salt crispbread with ricotta, roasted rhubarb with vanilla, honey, mint and pistachios. So good!

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Glad I was able to find some lilacs before they're gone 🌸 also so in love with this vintage bicycle basket from @fintofult

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Table set for lunch by the talented @madamedelamaison ✨ And the beautiful tomato tart made by our lovely participants 😋 #undejeuneraparis

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Workshop is coming to an end and we've shot so much food and had such a good time here in Paris with a wonderful group of people 🙌🏼✨ I made a carrot cake with lime cream cheese frosting, then topped it with salted caramel and berries for yesterday's styling session 🎂 #undejeuneraparis #maisonmargaret

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Oh you know, just hanging out in front of a waterfall with my good friends @_foodstories_ and @evakosmasflores. Story of my life 🤷🏻‍♀️ Jokes aside, that waterfall was sooo pretty and totally worth the steep drive and walk there. Collin and Carry seemed to enjoy it too! #meetmerano

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Today is the day!! Finally! The official release of @myfeldt's book #blåbärssnåräppelskruttochrabarberskugga and I couldn't be more thrilled 😭 I made a little blogpost about it in case you'd like to know more about it and see some photos from it, link in my profile 💜💚

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The most beautiful tulips 🌷

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