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CONSERVATION IN ACTION | The anti-poaching team from @conservationwildlifefund recently removed several snares from the buffer zones next to Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. These areas are subject to significant pressure from snaring by bushmeat poachers. If the shares are not removed, such areas can become extremely dangerous for lions and other wildlife. Every snare removed is a step forward and we are proud to support Conservation Wildlife Fund's efforts on the ground to make this possible. First photo: @susankmcconnell Photos 2-3: @conservationwildlifefund #lions #savelions #conservative

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With the ongoing civil war, South Sudan receives very little conservation attention. Although lion populations are potentially significant there, wildlife has taken a recent hit from bushmeat poaching. We are excited to announce a new grant to @theWCS for their work in Boma and Bandingilo national parks. This grant will strengthen law enforcement to tackle poaching and engagement with communities to forge partnerships for lion conservation. #savelions #lions #wildlife #conservation Photo: Ken and Michelle Dyball

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Bringing together the major players in government and conservation is critical to protect lions. We are proud to support the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority develop a national lion conservation plan. This plan will help the country better protect its lion population and act on opportunities to promote lion recovery. Read more about the projects we fund by clicking the link in our bio. #savelions #lions #conservation #zimbabwe Photo: Brent StapelKamp

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The iconic Serengeti National Park is home to one of the largest lion populations on Earth. Yet even this population faces a number of threats such as snaring and retaliatory killing in response to livestock predation. We have issued a new grant to @frankfurt.zoological.society who has a four-part solution to tackle these threats. Learn more at (link in bio). Photo: © Daniel Rosengren / #savelions #lions #conservation

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Lions are resilient and when they, their habitat, and their prey are protected, they can recover in numbers very quickly. Be part of their road to recovery. Click the link in our bio to read our 2018 Progress Report. Photo: @henschelphilipp / @pantheracats #savelions #lions #conservation #africa

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How a national park is designed has a real impact on lions. Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park’s borders were not designed with wildlife movements in mind, and large numbers of animals move out into the neighboring community areas lands, which can lead to human-wildlife conflict. It’s essential to protect those areas to ensure enough prey for lions, and to prevent conflict between people and lions when the big cats leave the park. Our new grant to @africanpeoplewildlife will work to address both issues. Photo: Laly Lichtenfeld / @africanpeoplewildlife #savelions #lions #tanzania #conservation

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There is perhaps no species more iconic than the lion, King of the Beasts. Can there be another species with the same power as a symbol of top brands, sports teams, cultures, royalty and nations? The significance of the African lion extends way beyond the continent on which they still roam wild. The world benefits from lions through brand value, through the thrill of viewing them in the wild, and from the mere knowledge that they still exist in the wild. But Africa bears the cost of living with and protecting the species. It is time for the world to step up to the plate and help range states conserve lions as the global asset that they are. Perspective of LRF Director, @petelindseyafrica. #worldlionday #lions #africa #conservation #wildlife #wildlifeconservation #coexistence
Photo: @jackdswenson

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This #WorldLionDay marks the one-year anniversary of the Lion Recovery Fund, which was created by @wildnetorg in partnership with the @leonardodicapriofdn. As we look back over this groundbreaking year, we know that recovery IS possible. Your support has equipped us to fund 28 conservation projects from 20 organizations across 14 countries! Check out the link in our bio to learn more about the dynamic efforts that will bring lions roaring back. Will you join us in this journey to #savelions?

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Why do YOU love lions? 🦁#WorldLionDay is just one day away and we can barely contain our excitement. Check back tomorrow to hear why we are hopeful for the future of the King of Beasts. Photo: Tom Stahl #savelions #lions #conservation #wildlife

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Lions are losing the battle when it comes to bushmeat poaching in Kafue National Park. We must secure protected areas and support anti-poaching efforts within the park to give lions a fighting chance. Our new grant to @musekeseconservation will help them support the wildlife authority in protecting wildlife, by creating an intensive protection zone in Kafue National Park. Click the link in our bio to see how this grant will #savelions. Photo: @pumapix

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The more information we have about lions, the better protection we can give them. We are awarding @endangeredwildlifetrust with a grant to establish a lion database, in conjunction with the IUCN Cat Specialist Group. This database will allow for tracking of the abundance and distribution of lions in Africa on behalf of the wider conservation community, which is essential information for conservation planning. Click the link in our bio to learn about our work to #savelions. Photo: Jon McCormack #bigcatsofinstagram #wildlife #conservation #lions

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Lions are rapidly disappearing in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Conservation Area due to human-lion conflict. We are thrilled to announce a new LRF grant with @kope_lion to establish a lion conservation incentive payment program within the community to mitigate this issue. By empowering local communities to get involved with conservation, both lions and humans can thrive. Click the link in our bio to learn more about this grant to #savelions. Photo: @kope_lion #lions #conservation #africa #bigcatsofinstagram #wildlife

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